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How to Choose a Reliable WordPress Development Company?

WordPress is an incredible platform for creating different genres and types of websites from scratch. It is one of the most versatile content management systems that allow users to build anything- from a simple blog to an eCommerce site. There are hosts of themes and plugins that empower you create beautiful and customized sites on

4 ways to Accelerate the Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site

Several advantages of Cloud-hosted WordPress websites encompass scalability, security, maintenance, backup and great up-time. The development of Cloud hosting just assists the proper delivery of website to the users, does not resolve the online publishing woes. WordPress releases various regular updates and plugins, which can enormously accelerate your website if used prudently. The popularity and

5 Steps For Converting PSD File into WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most promising content management systems, which powers over 27 percent of websites all around the world. The platform enables both the experienced as well newbie users to create and customize the site from scratch, without any coding.It not only focuses on engaging and user-friendly design, but also believes in boosting

Top 5 Feedback Plugins for WordPress Site

No matter how small or big your website is, getting direct feedback from the potential users play a vital role in your success. The genuine feedback from the users helps you concentrate on the success of your site. They can share their views, ideas about your new products, without any distractions. With the integration of

SEO Guide: 6 Tips to Master SEO Basics for WordPress Sites

Ranking of a website on Google and other search engine platforms determines the online presence and brand awareness of a business. Generating higher conversion rates and getting more web traffic are the ultimate goals of a website owner. To achieve these goals, you need to understand the basics of SEO marketing campaign. Search engine optimization

WordPress Is Getting More Secure With HTTPS In 2017

WordPress has planned to bring more security and reliability to the websites in 2017. Get ready to witness new features in WordPress which require websites have HTTPS available. Just like JavaScript is essential for rich and soothing user experiences and advanced PHP versions are vital for performance, SSL is equally important for the security of