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7 Tips to Speed Up WordPress User Engagement

WordPress is a tremendous content management platform that empowers people to build highly-impressive websites from scratch. You can emphasize on the design and functionality of your website using WordPress themes and plugins to attract more and more potential visitors.Not doubt, WordPress themes, and plugins can enhance the visual appearance and functionality of your site. But

8 Simple Steps to Merge Two WordPress MYSQL Databases

All we know about WordPress is that is a user-friendly and flexible CMS tool that allows people to build and modify the site in minutes, without coding. But sometimes merging two MySQL databases in WordPress becomes very difficult, especially for those who don’t know the in-depth process of running custom scripts. Most of the WordPress

Top 5 WordPress Grid Plugins For Creating Sharp Site

The usage of new-age mobile devices for browsing the internet or website has shown a tremendous growth over the last few years. According to a statistic, over 35 percent of all traffic on the web comes from mobile phones. This means creating a mobile-optimized website becomes a necessity for every website owner and web designer.

5 Best WordPress Themes For Creating eCommerce Sites

Today, most of the business leaders, retailers and merchants are driving towards the web platforms to create interactive and intriguing web store to market or sell their products. WordPress is a fantastic CMS solution for creating a full-fledged eCommerce store. The platform offers an exciting range of eCommerce-ready themes that will help you create user-friendly,

5 Steps For Converting PSD File into WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the most promising content management systems, which powers over 27 percent of websites all around the world. The platform enables both the experienced as well newbie users to create and customize the site from scratch, without any coding.It not only focuses on engaging and user-friendly design, but also believes in boosting

Top 5 Feedback Plugins for WordPress Site

No matter how small or big your website is, getting direct feedback from the potential users play a vital role in your success. The genuine feedback from the users helps you concentrate on the success of your site. They can share their views, ideas about your new products, without any distractions. With the integration of