5 Hot Laravel App Security Tips to Keep Bots and Spammers Away

Security risk is one of the most common problems in the digital age. In the Laravel framework, bots are most common security threat these days. These are powerful in doing anything to your website. Along with the bots, spammers are other threats which affect the websites in the laravel framework. So if you want to keep the bots away from your websites, you have to look for the reliable ways.

Common Security Issues

Common security issuesOne of the most common problems which is caused by the bots and spammers include change of the source code which can hampers the functionality of the websites along with the changes in its appearance. Other problems which are caused by the bots and spam to your laravel app include:

  • Blacklist Your App: Spammers turns target sites into the form of links. All your legitimate users can be restricted by the spammer. It will destroy the efforts which you had put to make your app visible online.
  • App Hijack: Hacking bots will hack and delete the critical content of your app. It also tries to deface your app.
  • Hampers Performance: Bots and spam seriously affects the performance of the laravel apps, even it can prevent the users to access the apps.
  • Revelation of Source Code: There are chances that source code can be revealed by the spammer or bot.

Solution Is Here

Solution is hereHere are the top 5 laravel app security tips which should be followed to keep the bots and spammers far away from affecting your website:

1. Initialize The Users While Loading The Apps: There is a need to set the authenticated route for data entered by  the user when login screen is followed on the app. In case, the user do not return to the app on time, the current session will be declared invalid and the user have to return on the login page again to get started.

2. Captcha: This is one of the most powerful weapons in battling with the bots and spammer. It is a kind of test which is very simple for the humans but this is probably quite difficult for the bots. The idea of using captcha code to prevent your website is to prevent the bots or automated crawling into your website which can cause drastic changes to the website.

3. Data Confirmation Screen: There are many laravel apps in which you must have seen the registration form before getting started. The registration form is basically to know the legitimacy of the users. However, for the spammers and bots, it is one of the easiest ways to reach your mailbox. In order keep your website safe, you can put the confirmation check box and without confirmation, user will not be able to proceed.

4. Assign The logout Method: This is another helpful tip in preventing the bots and spam to affect your laravel apps. By initializing the particular logout method, it will be difficult for the automatic crawler to affect your app.

5. Forceful Verification: For the Laravel apps, forceful verification is done by compelling the user to verify their email address or phone number. Double email confirmation can also be done for protecting the laravel app.

Apart from these, there are few more tips which can prevent your laravel app from bots and spammers. But, you should know that there is no methods top identify the bots before its attack and there is no any foolproof method which could prevent the attack of spam because sometimes, the spam added manually. All, you can do is to follow these tips or take the services of the third party solutions which protect your app from the known spammers.

Author Bio: Kerin Miller is a Laravel expert and a passionate blogger. She has been working with Stellen Infotech for last 5 years and delivering Laravel web applications across the globe. If you need to hire Laravel core developers then contact Kerin through Twitter or Facebook.

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