5 Warnings That Indicate Your Site Needs an Update

What will you do when you see critical warnings on your website? Of course, you’ll update your site – make changes to its design and functionality. However, most of the site owners, especially newbies couldn’t be able to identify the reasons why their sites need updates. There are multiple factors that determine whether your business needs a website redesign or not.
3To help you out, I bring you the five crucial warnings indicating your site needs an  update immediately.

1.  When a Site Doesn’t Respond Well on Mobile

According to a survey, over 20 percent of Google searches conducted on mobile phones (smartphone, iOS, Blackberry). The majority of users access the internet on their mobile devices – this means web designers need to design a site that runs well across different devices and screen sizes.

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it’s the best time to make your site responsive. A mobile-optimized website can give the rich experience to both your desktop as well as mobile visitors, which in turn, increase the sales of your business.

2.  When Your SEO Ranking is Low

Search engine platforms keep changing their algorithms, so if your organic SEO ranking is low, then it’s high time for an update.

You can optimize the content, including the web pages and posts of your site for search engines. It is better to stuff relevant keywords in the blog’s title or URL permalink if you want to rank higher. Apart from this, concentrate on writing quality, unique and SEO-friendly content for your site. If your content is not written according to the latest SEO trends, you will continuously lose your potential web visitors.

So, make sure that your site is well-optimized for Google and other search engines.

3.  When Running a Slow Loading Site

Speed is one of the crucial factors that needs to be considered while optimizing your site for better performance. According to KISSmetrics, around 47% of people expect a web page to load within 2-seconds, and 40% of them will discard your site if a web page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

So, if your website is slow, you must take some serious steps to boost the speed of your site. Running a fast-loading site will not only give rich user experience, but also improve the conversion rates of your business.

4.  When Your Site’s Bounce Rate is High

If your web analytics starts showing low average pages per visit, or low time on your site, it means your visitors are not finding your site useful or appealing. This will automatically reduce your conversions and increase your bounce rates.

To overcome this situation, you need to re-design your site by keeping the taste and preferences of your targeted customers in mind.

5.  When Your Site is Still in Flash

Flash is one of the most outdated trends in web design. It is pretty difficult to create or maintain flash on a site. Plus, users have to install a plugin if they want to see it – this is very annoying.

In fact, most of the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo can’t read flash. This means if you are using flash on your site, you should replace it with advanced HTML5. You can use HTML5 if you want to add interactive graphics or animations.

The technology is compatible with all smartphones as well as browsers, which ensures rich user experience.


A website reflects the unique brand image of your business, and thus, it is important to view each and every aspect of it. You can improve the online presence by optimizing your site for better performance and conversions.

With the help of the above warnings, you can take a step forward and improve the accessibility and usability of your site.

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