5 Website Design Tips for Optimized Content Marketing

Today’s world, content marketing is one of the most competitive arenas because there are many content out there and these are accessible on numerous mediums such as blog sites and social media platforms. Businesses are trying to create the attention of potential and current visitors amongst all competition. In order to set yourself different from the competitors is a vital step in the content marketing strategy because it will help you to create good interest in your content.

Podcasts, presentations, infographic, video streaming, photo slideshows, and blogs are taking over digital marketing techniques. According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 reports, 35 percent of B2B marketers have a documented content marketing technique, while37% of B2C marketers have a documented content marketing technique. Both percentages are respectively boosted from the previous year, and these percentages don’t involve marketers who utilize some form of content marketing but don’t have documented content marketing strategy. In this post, we will discuss five Web design tips for Optimizing Content Marketing.

1. Employ Responsive Design

As we all know that one-third of smartphone users utilized their mobile gadgets in order to go online more than a laptop or desktop. More than 40 % of Web traffic arrives from mobile. So it is vital to ensure that Web content is optimized for mobile devices, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Otherwise, zooming and pinching causes users to get frustrated, resulting in less direct traffic, reduced time spent on the  page, and abandoning the site.  Employ Responsive Design

2. Social Sharing Buttons

If you want to spread your content, then social media is one of the best ways. Free social networks provide your visitors marketing power through word of mouth. You must ensure that it’s simple for visitors to immediately share content on a site by displaying social sharing buttons. So, only focus on making it simple and believe us, Facebook and Twitter may do the trick, so you need to provide these two Facebook and Twitter icons in each post.Social Sharing Buttons

3. Dynamic Comment options

Commenting systems are an important part of content marketing posts for numerous reasons:

  • They empower the community. Featuring a commenting system makes content readers feel like they are the part of that content, because they have option in order to share their valuable opinions with other people. Comments can produce the most engaging material.
  • They keep visitors on the web page. As people scroll through  the comments and involve in group discussion, search engines may notice the high time spent on a web page.

Few comment platforms enable visitors to immediately show their Facebook profile picture next to their comment when they log in via Facebook.

4. Convert Content readers Into Customers

Content marketing strategy gets more reach when people may simple keep in touch with the writer as well as brand in order to learn more — and buy from the brand. Moreover, relevant ads in the content make it more valuable.

If you want to turn content readers into customers, you have to follow few ways.

  • Design Author Bio Box where Authors can explain about their subject matter expertise.
  • Creating widgets which display the related items which are relevant to the content
  • In last, you can create and add ad banners that are focused on the product which are related to the content.

5. Search Engine Optimization Plug-In

An SEO plug-in may assist you ensure the image tags, H1 tags, meta-descriptions, and headlines optimize for search engines. Indexable content, rich snippets, URL structures and Crawlable link structures also play a vital role in affecting how search engines see site designs.Search Engine Optimization Plug-InThe above mentioned tips for optimizing Content Marketing will surely assist the designers and clients in order to get the marketing goals. However, it is important to work on more techniques and ideas in order to make the designs more valuable and effective.

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