7 Effective Tips: How to Design Widgets to Improve Conversion?

As a website owner, you always desire for a design that can help you drive more and more visitors to your site. When it comes to the professional looking web design, the widget is the first thing that strikes to my mind. It is an application that you can add to your site or mobile app to embed an extra functionality to it.

In fact, you may have seen widgets in the form of clocks, calendars, search fields, contact forms, etc in sites. They will give additional information and encourage visitors to stay longer. In short, widgets not only improve the user experience but also boost the conversion rate of your site.

If you are planning to create a new website and wants to add widgets to improve your conversion, then you should read this blog post. Today, we will highlight 7 tips/tricks that you will need to keep in mind while designing widgets for your site.

Let’s get started!

  1. Keep Your Goals in Mind

Your Goals in MindAlways keep your goal in mind while designing a widget(s) for your site. Every aspect of your site or mobile app has their own meaning so it becomes essential for you to add widgets that can reflect your business to your visitors.

You can encourage your visitors by creating beautiful and informative widgets that can represent your goals to your potential customers.

  1. Keep Everything Simple and Clean

If you want to drive visitor’s interest, you need to focus on creating simple, intuitive and easy to use widgets that can provide relevant information quickly and efficiently to your potential visitors. Web visitors attract to a site that gives them rich and soothing reading and navigation experience.

So, concentrate on building widgets that can add value to your site and give your visitors a hassle-free experience.

  1. Understand Your Targeted Audience

Targeted AudienceThe most important thing that you need to understand is your targeted web audience. First, know your targeted audience, and then understand what they expect from your site. Of course, you are creating a site to attract potential visitors – this means their opinion matters the most.

So, create widgets that will help you drive more web visitors to your site. And for that, you need to understand their needs and expectations. Also, take the design in terms of colors, background, font size, and color, etc seriously while creating your widgets.

  1. Look For Creative Widgets

Avoid using such widgets that can distract your visitors from your site or blog. After all, your product is the main aspect, so don’t allow your visitors to leave your site.

For this, you need to create attractive and creative widgets that can encourage people to buy your products. You can create a widget in such a way that can catch the interest of your potential visitors with ease.

  1. Use Powerful Web Design Tools

Powerful Web Design ToolsThere are plenty of web designing tools available in the market that can help you create beautiful, interactive and valuable widgets for your site. But for that, you need to understand your needs and pick out the best solution that can save your time, money and resources.

If you want to use the most suitable tool, you need to consider the following criteria:

  • the coding language
  • social sharing tools,
  • templates
  • analytics integration
  • Registration fees, etc.

Fortunately, there are tons of solutions that will help you meet all your requirements, but still you to spare some time to compare the multiple widget design tools available in the market.

  1. Social Media Integration

social-media-integrationIf you want to generate quality leads, you should integrate social media icons to your site. Social media platforms are the great place where you can promote your site to a large number of social media visitors.

So, allow your visitors to share the content that you stuffed in your widget. This will generate leads and improve your conversion rates.

  1. Don’t Overplay With Widgets

Designing a widget can be a great fun, but avoid creating too many of them. A site or blog full of widgets could make your site look dull, and you may also lose your potential visitors.

So, design only the required number of widgets as this could help you generate more and more leads, without even leaving your visitors in any annoying situation.


These are the seven effective tips that will help you create beautiful and professional looking widgets for your website. With the use of quality and informative widgets, you can drive more visitors and improve your conversion rates.

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