Best Tips to Drive High Quality Traffic to a Newly Launched Website

When the website becomes live after all the finalized expenses, starting a new website seems to be a perfidious territory. One might record only 20 visitors even after patiently waiting for a week. There is a possibility that each last one of them is search engine bots. This is really very disappointing, but the load of free traffic hanging around to tap inside is no doubt good news.  No matter if the site owner desires to pay for the targeted advertisements via PPC programs or make an effort to come up with the below methods, there would be no reason to fret for the traffic found.

Long Tail Keywords Optimizationlong-tail-keywords

To optimize for Long Tail Keywords is anger on websites, relying on organic traffic. Yet, the majority of the sites compete for diverse keywords with much higher competition. This may only lead to trickle of traffic but it is quite easy to rank for a directory of long tail keywords and resulting in a severe quantity of organic traffic. This, being a long-term traffic is not going to end alike the traffic of advertising campaign.

Facebook Fan PageFacebook-Fan-Page

Nowadays, Facebook page has become a necessity of every website.  This social networking platform is used by nearly everyone in the world. Due to this reason site’s front page provides a fantastic ground for readers and customers in order to stay up-to-date with the website, exceptional offers, and significant announcements. Not only this, it is even a fantastic place, receiving testimonials and reviews of preceding readers and customers.

Made for Pinterest ImagesPinterest

Talking about virility, every website should take advantage of Pinterest. Several site owners declare no profit out of this social networking site; on the other hand, several have gone through a crowd of viral traffic attacking their servers for last weeks. The real success lies within the image and followers. Moreover, the followers are must for the account. Otherwise, there would be not enough people to see the pins.

Old Fashioned Business Cardsbizcards

Business cards never get outdated. In fact, whenever customers or readers talk to family and friends regarding the site in daily social activities business cards can be accessed easily.  If required, they can share the website’s information with the ease to reach the business card.

Email Submits & Email Marketingemail-marketing

Every person is aware of the term ‘email marketing’ at some point. Still, it is the most effectual method of direct contact of websites with the visitors. It is a nice thought of setting up an email submission in order to harvest the email address of readers at the site’s launch time.

Contests and Prizes

Contests and prize giveaways will always remain popular. This is a generally done by various companies at the time of launching a new website. A contest is a big hum in terms of mouth marketing via readers and customers. It throws a huge effect on the involvement of family and friends, driving brand awareness from one roof to another.

Free Downloads & Trials

One more great option is to present the download and product or any service free of cost. Free download comprises of articles, supportive charts, patterns, and many more.


In this blog post we have described about various ways to drive quality traffic to a newly launched website in an optimized way.

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