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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. Many people know it as a simple blogging platform. Getting started to your first blog can be a nerve-racking thing. Not only for a newbie but even an experienced blogger can face difficulties at some point of time, majorly due to web hosting. A slow web page can disappoint your visitors. Nobody wants to wait longer than 5 seconds for a page to load. You may lose your customers to your competitor because of your slow load time.

If you too are thinking to set up your blogging website on WordPress then you should definitely consider WordPress platform instead of looking for other options like linux shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

Changing your web host can be a tough decision even though paying a bit higher can solve your issue. Finding the best WordPress hosting provider can be a distressing process. You need a web hosting provider that will do justice to your blog content. A web host that is reliable and provides guaranteed uptime is what everyone wants. We have picked out one such WordPress hosting provider to point you in the right direction-MilesWeb. Whether you are a beginner or a business owner, this web hosting provider will serve all your purpose with affordable prices and top-notch service. By the end of this article, you will discover how MilesWeb is the best choice for WordPress hosting India.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb is no doubt one of the best WordPress hosting providers on today’s date. Millions of WordPress users love its excellent customer support, fast blazing servers and the uptime guarantee.


MilesWeb gives feature-rich managed WordPress hosting at reasonable prices. Their WordPress hosting plans start with the price of Rs.585 per month. The discounted price of this plan is Rs.380 for a month as currently, they are offering a discount of 35% for all their plans of WordPress hosting- namely Jack, Queen and King.


  • Jetpack Premium/Professional
  • SSD Storage
  • Pre-Configured WordPress
  • Free SSL
  • Automatic Updates

Jetpack Premium/Professional

Jetpack is a powerful toolkit that helps in effortless designing, securing and marketing of your WordPress website-everything at one place. With Jetpack, you can totally customize your site with free themes and tools.

Jetpack Premium and Professional plan include malware scanning, spam filtering, auto social-sharing, plugin, auto updates and much more. MilesWeb has made all these features available in their WordPress plans at no additional cost. Once you signup to any plans – Jack, Queen or King you automatically get access to Jetpack.

SSD Storage

SSD stands for Solid State Drives. SSDs are much faster, newer and better than traditional HDD drives. They store memory using mechanical or magnetic disks with spinning drives which boost the data transfer speed in SSDs.

MilesWeb servers are optimized with performance-driven SSD hosting solution to provide rapid server speed and database accessibility.

Pre-Configured WordPress

MilesWeb makes it super easy for you to install WordPress on your server with pre-configured settings; you don’t need to do any legwork. Your WordPress hosting is pre-configured with the latest WordPress version and ready-to-use as soon as you buy it. This can save a lot of time of yours. You don’t need to manually install WordPress and configure its settings.

Free SSL

An SSL- Secure socket layer certificate provides encryption between a website and the browser. Any information that is exchanged between the visitor’s browser and the web server such as login credentials, credit card details, etc. is kept secure.

It is essential to install the SSL certificate on your business website to ensure a secure session with browsers. Once the SSL is installed, all the web traffic between the browser and the web server remains secure. The browser will show a padlock or green bar on the website as soon as this certificate is installed. Also, the application protocol will change to HTTPS from HTTP(S stands for Secure) after the installation.

MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan is integrated with Let’s Encrypt SSL to help keep all your data secure. Every single WordPress website that is hosted with MilesWeb comes with SSL certificate with no extra cost.

Automatic Updates

Once you buy a WordPress hosting from MilesWeb you don’t need to install or update your WordPress platform manually. Your WordPress is automatically updated to the latest version with the help of the software at the backend. The WordPress technical professionals continuously keep a track on the new releases to make sure all the critical WordPress platform and core plugins are installed from time to time on your WordPress platform.


Now that you are aware of all the features of MilesWeb WordPress hosting you are all set to your blog online. MilesWeb gives managed WordPress hosting that helps you in using WordPress blog even in an easier way. It is a custom designed hosting service, which is pre-installed and configured with all that you need.

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