Blogging on the Go Made Easier With WordPress iOS7 App

iOS 7 has been released by Apple Inc. It is a latest mobile OS (operating system). This app provides an amazing user experience streamlining both form and function. iOS 7 app has a clean interface, which is intuitive as well as it comes without any clutter.

For the first time, Apple and WordPress integrated in an easier way, through iOS 7 app. After this amazing updating, the design of mobile application has become very similar to the WP dashboard. The features which attract the user of iPhone include a host of Apple like icons as well as a colorful navigation bar, which are arranged as per WordPress style.

If we talk about the font of iOS 7 apps, it is amazing and known as Open Sans, which is ideal for Moreover, this app is open source. In the new update, the choice of colors provides the app a bright as well as fresh feel. The bugs and errors have been removed, so that iOS 7 app comes with intuitive, consistent and cheerfulness experience.

And also, Apple is working on few future versions of the WP app, which would include a theme selector. In order to facilitate posting and blogging on the go, the visual editor would be rehabilitated. The latest update is being planned for iPad, which would through the screen interface.

New WordPress iOS 7 App Review

wp appsIn 2010, when WordPress iOS 7 App was in its infancy, it was not easy to make a connection between the WordPress dashboard and the app. The WordPress dashboard redesign is amazing, futuristic and innovative. The redesign of the WP dashboard makes it simpler, removing the entire volume styles. The redesign is easier as well as cleaner. The Apple’s UI design team is in the correct direction.

WordPress iOS7 Apps
However, it has been considered that few of the features were not very useful from the previous version of iOS have been carried into the updated version also. The latest version of OS has a new feel and look, as since 2007, when it was first launched, just a few minor tweaks and changes had done. Web developers have tried to carry the new feel and look in iOS 7. They make iOS 7a user-friendly application.

In accordance with the critics, in the post, the image size can be managed through few inbuilt functions. There is no resize the featured images or arrangement in latest version to project. The bottom bar of this app could be enhanced with this feature.

In the latest update, if you want to see an image, you need to go into the settings category. In the edit screen, it would simply have been handled using the bottom bar, which is an easier alternative. There are many alternatives of posting in the latest version, like:

  • Image post format
  • Normal post format
  • Fast photo post

Normally, every entry is depicted in a different template, however if you want to edit the post with the featured image, you will not get the image in the editor. It is common, but in order to have a good mobile user experience, it is necessary. There is no remarkable difference between image post format and fast photo post, so, what is the importance of having these image post format and fast photo post formats? If you would like to do quick publishing, the user must be enabled to see the content as it is not easy to edit code on the mobile’s screen size.

So, you can download the iOS 7 apps from the App Store. You may easily start right now and blog on the go.

You need to click on, after that you need to click on the mobile apps page and check out the WordPress apps for different platforms.

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