Choose The Best For You: Magento Vs. Opencart Vs. CS-Cart Vs. Bigcommerce Vs. Shopify


Do you want to create an e-commerce site for your business? If yes, then you will be confused about which platform to select from, as there are many alternatives available in the market? It is well known fact that no one size fits all and this makes it a more considerable issue that needs a thorough analysis.

There are numerous tactics and strategies affect the eCommerce platforms and make it either a failure or a success. In order to make a successful online business, it needs, analyzing the facts before hand.

These facts include:
  • Platform
  • Volume
  • Budget of the business
  • Design preference
  • SEO
  • Visibility

In this blog post, we shall assist you make the decision easier by a comparison among the major platforms on the basis of  popularity, SEO effectiveness, functionality, ease and many more.

Check out many Aspects of E-commerce Platforms

It is vital to remember that not every individual knows the programming language. So, ease of use should be contemplated as an essential  aspect.


This E-commerce Platform is an easy platform that does not need any skill in the  technical field. The user centric approach and user interface makes it simpler for users in order to configure services, products and website in few seconds. The great thing about this platform is that it can run over any server configuration.


Support: Extensive assistance and support is provided through community forum and email.

Pricing: It is available for free.


It has all the tools that you require to set up an online store. It provides you the entire control over the way the platform functions. You may attain complete control and may easily design it as you want. It starts with you selecting one of their numerous template designs. The best feature is that your store can be completely optimized once finished. The search engine giants like Bing, Yahoo, and Google, can easily find you.



This platform is built by the developers and for the developers. Magento is known as the ‘King’ in the eCommerce platforms filed. It seems as a difficult platform as the people might find it complex in order to get through it. You need to attain a level of understanding in the field of JavaScript / PHP / HTML / CSS and many more.


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CS-Cart platform provides a great level of usability convenience. It is one of the best ultimate platforms. It is simple to edit, delete, modify or alter within this platform without any understanding of programming languages.



Shopify uses Ruby on Rails in order to enhance itself, instead of the normally utilized PHP for web apps, and provide great support to its clients. This platform is a paid solution. It ensures that its users get instant support for any issues that their store is facing. Shopify includes a great range of features and services that may assist your online store become more popular.



Add-ons play an important role in making a successful eCommerce platform. Add-ons may be compared as:

  • CS-cart and Opencart does not provide any such feature and thus provides limited features
  • Bigcommerce and Shopify provide many features including add-ons with easy operability for the same
  • Magento offers accessibility to lots of extensions and add-ons which make Magento more productive

However, the above discussed platforms are integrated with amazing features, providing varying advantages. The decision over which platform to choose is depends upon the preferences of individuals.

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