Why to Choose a Custom WordPress Theme for Your Website

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform used worldwide. A vast variety of tools and templates are available to build and furnish your website. You or your developer’s team can use it to build your own website.

WordPress offers you to access thousands of premade themes, most of which are free but premium one will cost you. While building your website in WordPress, a thought must have cross your mind, whether to use a premade theme or customize your own. Here I am discussing some pros and cons of both premade themes and custom themes, so you can make a healthy decision.

Premade Themes

Premade as the name suggest are premade themes provided by the WordPress developers. It has its own advantage, as it will only take few minutes to set up your websites and launch it online.Premade Themes


  • Cost effective
  • Easy design and setup
  • No extra development required
  • Numerous options to choose from


  • Potential security threats
  • Vulnerability in design
  • Not good for competing business as your website design can look similar to your competitor.

Custom Themes

You can customize your website the way you like it, uniqueness is a must in the competitive market. Your developer team can put your imagination into an effective and interactive design.Custom Themes

  • Unique design for your website
  • Additional functionality can be added
  • Better secure website
  • Additional plugins and extensions can be customized


  • Not cost effective
  • Take long time, before putting it in action
  • Extra development is required


Before making a decision, firstly consider your aim and business. If you are low on budget and looking for a small scale website premade themes are better for you. But if you can afford extra few days of development and spend some more bucks, it is better to stick with the custom made themes. Since thousands of websites are popping up every day, it is better to have a unique design, which can distinguish your site from the crowd.

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