Features of Adobe’s Animate CC Revealed

Animate CC, the latest application launched by Adobe strikes as a revolutionary development in the Creative Cloud app suite replacing the Flash Professional CC, this new app is available for download, and the name perfectly signifies all the up gradations that have been introduced.adobe-animate-cc-flashFor the past years, Flash Professional has set up a recognized norm for creating responsive animations, by the application of HTML5 for a majority of its content development functions. In the same line, Animate CC will also continue to support SWF and AIR Flash formats. As the name suggests, Animate CC will primarily focus on designing, animation rather than fabricating multimedia, Action Script, vector graphic images and other SWF (Small Web Format) components.


Animate CC has been designed with the aim of handling almost any kind of animation program, such as- banner ads, infographics and micro interactions. If you are addicted to animated Dribble shots, apps prototypes or any other design job, this is definitely the app to try out.

Animate CC might be enhanced with an assortment of specialized features, but you will be pleased to know that the most of these aspects are already known to you. If you are a new programmer, there might be certain difficulties, but for a frequent user of apps like Flash 4, this is a piece of cake! Moreover, Animate CC supports both Action Script and JavaScript equally.


All of the features in this upgraded app makes it a lot more efficient that the previous versions of CS and Flash together.

  • You can now create content and position it as you please, resize the stage, and also restructure the scaling design.
  • It is now simple to generate requests for exporting manifold resolutions and this new element is exceptionally suitable for bitmap jobs.
  • There are also specialized vector drawing tools- examples are brushes that do not involve any shape alteration during editing.
  • Another unique feature is that of Tagged Swatches, which is also anticipated to be incorporated in the future Adobe creative apps.


  • Animate CC overcomes all the restrictions of the previous Flash Professional CC. It offers an all-embracing support to web standards together with those of the mobile arena. Here, you can export to WebGL, 4K Videos and HTML5 Canvas
  • You can also design Sprite Sheets based on keyframes and additional animation can be created through Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).
  • OAM packaging is yet an additional novel feature launched by Animate CC. This comes in a zip format and enables packaging of assets for importing into other dedicated Adobe tools-Dreamweaver CC and Muse CC.
  • Overall, Animate CC comes with a combination of all those tools that previous experts had missed out on.

Disadvantages of Extensive Format Support

Supporting multiple formats is a boon, but at times it does pose some challenges:

  • In order to export to any format, you must be aware of the technical specifications of each format
  • All web standard formats do not support the features included in the Animate CC application

Is Animate CC the Answer for You?

For some Flash lovers, Animate CC might just appear as a replica of the former; but this is not the case.  This ingenious app brings with it a transformation in the design era with its range of select new features

Not only is it free from the requirement of a well-established player, it is fully secure, and can export to almost any kind of web standard.

In the realm of design and animation, Animate CC is a much-awaited tool and can be regarded as a responsive app that can do away with all the uncertainties in previous apps. Although it’s hard to accept, but the truth is ‘Flash is Dead’ and all of us should wait for the best from Animate CC.

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