Few Interesting Photoshop Alternatives 2016

If you talk about editing softwares for photographs or videos, Adobe Photoshop is the most certainly going to steal away the show. Created by Thomas and John Knoll in 1987, Photoshop later came to be acquired by Adobe and has since then has managed to become one of the most widely used software for editing images you could have asked for.
alternatives-photoshopDespite of its wide popularity on a global scale and its ease of use, it cannot be ignored that Adobe Photoshop comes with its cons as well. Photoshop is not free software and you are going to have to pay a substantial amount for the full access of it and while getting used to, this is a relatively easy, it cannot be ignored that this is an industrial grade application and beginners would most certainly be lost with it. Mentioned below are some of the best replacements of Photoshop.


SumopaintCreated by Sumo Limited in 2007, Sumopaint has managed to make its mark as one of the finest free image editors online based on Flash. Known for its ease in use, it shows a similar features to Pixlr and Photoshop. While it might not be as powerful as the Photoshop, it most certainly has proved its mettle in being one of the widely used image editing softwares for the beginner level.

Photoshop Express

PhotoExpressWhile Adobe Photoshop might be a hassle for you, the Photoshop expresses most certainly is something that will not give you much of a trouble. With its availability over the internet, you do not have to wait to download an extensive ‘.exe’ file of it and while it might give a limited set of features, it surely will be as close as possible to the Adobe Photoshop. Known to function with sites like Facebook, Picasa, Flickr and Photobucket it has most certainly eased the pain of  the beginners in editing.


PixlrAvailable over the internet as well as smart phones and tablets, this cloud based image sharing with photo editing software surely has managed to be on everyone’s mind for quite some time now. The options it provides might seem limited though the features in the editing options aremany  in number, thereby, giving the end user a lot to play with. Easy to understand and to get used to, this software manages to provide a seamless integration of design with photo editing and adjustment features to its end user.


LunapicSimplistic in its design, this most certainly happens to be one of the user friendly web based image editing software. This is loaded with a host of editing options and getting accustomed to them will take no time limit  because of its stark, useful design and structure. Editing GIFs is another add-on which you most certainly cannot ignore.


FotoFlexerConsidered to be a worthy contender of Picnik, the Fotoflexer is the most certainly another online based image editing software that a beginner could use and what really gives Fotoflexer an edge above the rest is the fact that it tries to match up to the level of Photoshop so that the beginners have all the options they could have asked for.

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