Greatest Tutorial Series for Designing WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the web. Millions of web designers use WordPress themes to make their websites more attractive. Initially people thought to attain a blogging platform, but after that it has become a standard by just thinking about any of the types of website imaginably which includes business websites, e-Commerce sites, blogs, news sites, portfolio, etc. Web designers have made their platform quite versed and start putting their efforts to use WordPress in unheard and unique ways. While the popularity of CMS is increasing furiously due to which many of themes, new plugins and tutorials are coming into existence every day.

New designers just want to attain a command on designing WordPress themes by which they can’t get any trouble while doing anything on the web. Skillful designers provided their tutorial to create an efficient WordPress theme; they also shared their secrets too. As there are many WordPress tutorials can be seen out on the web but to choose a right one seems to be a bit difficult. We are here with an amazing WordPress tutorials theme on the Web.

How to create a Portfolio WordPress Theme?

It encloses three part series, as in the How to create a Portfolio WordPress Theme?

The First part which is only a planning stage, you need to go over to a design which can be done in photoshop. In this software (photoshop) viewing of website elements, overall layout and designing graphics become easy.Portfolio of WordPress ThemeIn the next part, you can design a WrdPress theme in CSS and HTML by using the layout and by applying a simple PSD concept. The previous part just belongs to attain graphics. After that, he describe to build the HTML, but in steps which begins with the navigation menu with a basic structure. After that a full preview of the HTML is to be provided which is quite helpful for the web designers looking for no voice. In next step browser testing has to with finishing of internal pages.

In the last part, he just describes the way to add a blog into your desired theme and theme files also.

This is one of the best tutorials which cover the basic of HTML, file structure and CSS. People can gain an experience while working on this tutorial and will be pleased too.

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