How To Build a Community Website With WordPress?

How To Build a Community Website With WordPress

Many people will be familiar with utilizing WordPress in order to build websites. WP gives an amazing framework for building sites – what with its plugins and theme system. However, if you’re seeking for something a bit extraordinary, is WP actually the way to go?

There are many options for powering the community side of a site. In order to make an online community with WP will not only assist your online business attains lots of followers, but also lots of relevant traffic. You can face a few challenges while creating a community website with WP, but the outcomes will be amazing.

  1. A community is a ready reckoner in order to obtain feedback and review for future expansion as well as growth.
  2. Creating a community is a natural method in order to get users and traffic on the website.
  3. A Community gives you with regular relevant content, which can analyze for search ability and quality.
  4. A community assists your own users and it makes the users permanent in nature.
  5. It is the simplest method in order to get relevant target visitors.
  6. It is a business asset which will be made stronger over a period of time.

Knowledge about WordPress
Creating a community in WP will not be an easy task. As there is a host of functionalities one need to know all the aspects in order to make it an easy procedure.  If the community expands, you may feel the pressure of the requirement of hosting, while you also would like to choose for customized solutions for outsourcing.

Moderation in Content
Community websites require to be moderated and managed well, so that hate and spam comments can be handled. Constantly monitoring and managing the community is vital to manage any type of negativity in the community.

Social Network Vs Forum
Deciding on the community to build, needs you to target group and define the object for your community.  It is very important to have a clean unique selling proposition.  If you will do competitor research, it will really help you obtain ideas as to how you would like to position yourself as.  Forums can be useful while creating Business to business communities. These are useful in offering customer support.

On the other hand, existing social networks such as FB also offer an amazing opportunity in order to make a large community of relevant followers.  WP provides easy to implement and download forum solutions which will be utilized in order to create the community:

  2. Simple Press
  3. bbPress

There are some of amazing solutions that WP provides for building a social media community:


Once a community is in place, you may check option of monetization which will include:

  • Making paid community membership option
  • Adding advertising banners
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