JavaScript Most Popular Language: Stack Overflow Report

Java was earlier called ‘Oak’ and then came to be called as ‘Green’ and now is widely known as Java. Now, this name has started working wonders in the software programming market. Today, Java is the most popular name on everybody’s lips. You won’t find a single programmer these days who doesn’t know this language. This is precisely because this applications are user friendly. All courses and curriculums are incomplete without a chapter or a book that teaches Java. Be it in forums, discussion boards, blogs or social media, people have an open discussion on Java everywhere.

JavaScript Most Popular Language

Stack Overflow is a popular online developer’s community. Recently they conducted a Stack Developer survey to find out which coding language is most popular among the developers. Over 5000 developers from 173 countries took this survey containing 45 questions. The results were not surprising. It was JavaScript that emerged victorious. You can confidently rely on the results because it is one of the most visited site by the developers across the globe. According to the statistics, in every 8 seconds, 1 developer posts a query and hundreds and thousands of them respond to the same.

The survey analytics says that 85% of the respondents voted for Java Script. 32% were in favor of Angular and 27% supported Node.js. Java Script came in the top 3 ranking. Angularity was in the 5th position. Node.js was placed at the 8th place. Apart from Java, developers enjoy using Rust and Swift. Swift is developed by Apple and gradually making it to the hit list of developers. Another finding of this report is that developers spend some time per week in doing something different in coding apart from their routine job.

Why is Java Script so popular?

The good thing about Java is that unlike other programs, Java can be coded from the backend as well as the front end. It is easy to use the Java program in multiple locations. The survey states that developers are polyglot programmers, i.e. they use many programming languages as per the requirement. Programmers use a combination of Java Script, PHP and SQL. These days’ recruiters hire more people who have knowledge of the Java Script rather than any other programming language. Earlier Java has been just a script but now it has evolved as a strong programming language. The respondents in this survey were males between 25 and 29 years of age. The survey wasn’t taken by people between 30 and 50 years of age. The knowledge that developers have been superficial many times and they claim to know everything about Java but the truth is not so. When they get into crucial roles in Java development, handling codes become difficult for them. Also, there were no females in this survey. This makes the data a little skewed. There are not many female developers currently but the number is in the growing stage. However, the popularity of this software is such that it is liked by all therefore this is bound to be liked by females as well because of its ease of use.

Why is Java Script so popular

In spite of several criticisms, aspiring developers learn Java quickly at a shallow level first. The syntax is similar to the English language which is simple to learn. They then move up higher to learn the complex coding of this programming language. It is the most sought after programming language with everyone trying to gain mastery over it. 88% of all the websites use Java Script. It can not only be used for browsers, but also for different gaming applications as well. This makes it flexible and versatile which is largely important in today’s era of cut throat competition.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Java currently is the programmer’s first love. Nevertheless, it needs to sustain itself well by bringing out more subprograms that can be easily used by people around and work on the criticisms well. With its competitors like Swift (made by Apple), Java will have to work smart and reinvent its technology. Apple’s entry into the competition might cause the Java’s position to dwindle if a large number of developers find Swift more appealing than Java.

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