Key Features of the best PDF Editor for Mac

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) are a common file type which is used to share documents between different operating systems and computers. The concept is to create a file format that can maintain fixed formatting while letting you go green without wasting a paper. Though PDFs are good to share documents, sometimes it becomes difficult to edit PDF files on Mac. That’s where a fully-featured PDF Editor for Mac comes into play.

A perfect PDF Editor enables you to edit text, add images, create annotations, and convert PDF files to Microsoft Word in a breeze. However, finding the best tool needs a lot of searches and hard work. With so many options available in the market, it becomes quite difficult to make a smart decision.


You need to invest in a product that can give you the best features such as Movavi’s PDF Editor for Mac. It has all the key traits to make your job easier. So, on the basis of the following key features, you can create a list of the best PDF editors for mac available in the market:

  1. Easy to add images

A good PDF editor not only allows you to work effectively on your files but also makes it super easy for you to add a table or a descriptive graph to make your document look appealing and informative. Best editors come with a two-click insertion feature, which in turn, saves your time and effort.

  1. One-Stop-Solution for Comprehensive Documentation

Such tools allow you to view, edit and share project documentation in a matter of a few clicks. This means you can collect all aspects of the project together and showcase your work in a well-organized way to your clients and employees. You can stress the important text in bold, italic or bold italic, add a signature or comments.

  1. Upgraded Legal Forms

It is always difficult to work with legal documents, especially while working on a PDF file. But with the help of the best PDF editor, you can prepare an affidavit or a valid bill of sale and other legal forms without taking any professional assistance. The tool will make your work easier in seconds.

  1. User-friendly Functions

A lightweight and user-friendly PDF tool for Mac provides you all the functionality you will be looking for editing and managing all your PDF files. They can be effective for creating well-formatted files for presentations and meetings.

  1. Create Documents in Seconds

It not only allows you to edit text, but you can also create PDF document or merge files in different formats into a new file. This means a PDF tool lets you create, edit, and sign legal forms and insert images in a few clicks.


These are some of the key features that you should look while buying a reliable PDF Editor for Mac. If you are looking for a smart, easy-to-use and feature-rich tool for creating, editing and managing your PDF file, then invest on Movavi’s PDF Editor for Mac or you can invest more time and search the most ideal tool that can fit your needs and budget.

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