List of 10 Best Prototyping Tools for Web Designers

User experience (UX) is one of the most important factors in web design that can reinforce the accessibility, usability, and visibility of your website. As a web designer, you should always explore innovative ideas that can help you create highly interactive and visually appealing websites and web apps. Although there is a whole slew of cutting – edge web design tools on the web, most of the UX/UI designers look for a reliable prototyping tool.

Prototyping tools can help you create and customize beautiful websites in a matter of few minutes. These tools can help you solve varied issues related to web design before even writing a single piece of coding. You can even bring your ideas to life while designing a site quickly and efficiently. It simply gives strength to the skills of web designers and website owners.

However, choosing the most suitable prototyping tool from the massive pool can be a challenging task, but with the help of this blog post, you can create a list of shortlisted prototyping tools that can help you create unique designs for your website.

Here is the list of 10 best prototyping tools that will make the job of web designers easier, and help them accelerate the design process.

1. Webflow

Webflow is a one-stop solution for an effective web design. It allows people to design, prototype and launch beautiful, responsive and W3C validated websites, without even generating a single line of code. It means you can deviate your completed prototypes into a fully-fledged site within a few clicks.

The platform comes with a simple and user-friendly CMS to let you build beautiful, and responsive websites on the go. You just need to drag, drop, and design a site, without ever getting worried about the coding. Even, you can create a custom design for your content, and enable your teammates/clients to update the content, without any assistance.

2. Origami

Origami first developed by Facebook to allow the team to create and design interactive products. But now you can use this platform for free of cost. The platform is used for building modern user interfaces for different types and sizes of websites and social platforms.

All you need to do is to explore, iterate, and test your ideas visually for creating top-notch designs. You can install all the prototyping options, and start creating stunning design concepts that prompt scrolling, swipes, taps, and page links.

With this tool, you can display your designs in presentations with backgrounds, full screen on multiple devices and screen sizes. Origami considers sketch and PhotoShop designs while creating prototypes. Although it is not mobile-centric, you can create responsive sites and leverage features such as FaceTime camera, text input, and OS X drag and drop.

3. Atomic

Create authentic prototypes of your website using Atomic’s simple and intuitive user interface. It also has a user-friendly animation timeline to let you create impressive designs on the fly.

The platform gives you the flexibility to customize your interaction as per your requirement – you just need to click the play button to view your tweaks and animations in action.

Plus, it offers inbuilt drawing and layout tools to let you web design from scratch or developing upon imported designs with ease.

4. Adobe Comp CC

Build print, web, and mobile layouts using this powerful prototyping tool. Even, you can integrate these layouts with Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator on the go.

Adobe Comp CC simply transforms your rough designs, shapes and lines into appealing graphics. You just need to import vector shapes, colors, images and text styles from your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries, and send it to Adobe Photoshop to complete your web design project right on your desktop.


Convert your creative ideas into a stunning web design and see it in action just by integrating prototyping tool.

It comes with ready-made templates for sites and apps that allow you to get started on a project instantly. There is also a built-in automated screen transition feature to create the flow of your app to give rich user experience to the potential visitors.

Even, you can preview the finished prototypes on any device (make sure you have a app for iOS and Android phones if you are accessing it via your mobile device).

6. Invision

Invision is the most popular prototyping, collaboration and workflow platforms for UX/UI designers. It is a simple, intuitive, flexible tool that lets you upload your design files and add gestures, animations, and transitions to remodel your static screens into realistic prototypes.

It allows your team members, clients, and stakeholders to comment directly on your designs and you don’t need to wait longer for their feedback. Even, you can manage all of your project screens and statues from one location. You can preview screens, view unread comments, and notify your team members whenever the screen status make any changes.

7. Vectr

Vectr is an incredible graphics editor that empowers designers to create vector graphics quickly and easily. Although it is a simple web and desktop cross-platform tool, you can build the powerful design that can bring life to your web projects.

It enables you to send a vectr document for real-time collaboration on the go. This means others can see you when you are creating and editing the designs live. You can also create crisp and clean cards, presentations, website mockups or any 2D graphic using this robust prototyping tool.

8. Framer

Framer is a leading prototyping tool that encourages you to use simple code to convert your designs into the beautiful and responsive website.

It comes with an auto-code feature to let you begin a project just by inserting a layer of code on the screen where you are creating prototypes. You can even define an interaction directly in the panel and the tool will automatically write your code itself.

9. Principle

Create animated and interactive user interfaces by making the use of Principle prototyping tool. Designing the flow of a multi-screen app, new interactions, gestures, and animations become super easy with this platform.

The platform helps you create a lot of web design components such as a short animation, a huge multiple screen application, a slick interaction and a lot more for enhanced user experience.

10. Easee

Use Easee prototyping tool to drag and drop layers from Sketch and Photoshop and start animating your designs. The tool takes seamless animations developed in the app and export them to CSS that you can latter import into your live projects with ease.

It lets you see a live preview of animations on the web in real-time. Overall, Easee is one of the best prototyping tools that allows web designers to create impressive and realistic prototypes in no time.


These tools mentioned above will speed up your web design process and let you concentrate on each and every aspect of your site. You must try the tool that has the potential to meet your site’s requirement with ease.

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