Top 10 Advanced Features of HTML6

Web technology is day by day heading towards developing a massive mobile-based app store that plays a denoting role in the revolutionary web development. Since the introduction of HTML, it becomes easy to create highly- convertible and inventive web-based mobile applications and websites. In fact, web developers find it easy to work with advanced technologies while developing their web projects.

Being a professional app developer or we master, it is always better to make a use of latest version of HTML as it can eliminate all the possibilities of errors and allow you develop powerful sites and mobile apps quite easily.

If you are using the existing version of HTML that is HTML5 for web app development, then ask yourself how effectively it works while developing a web project. With the existing HTML version,  web developers are finding obstacles in integrating responsive features that make the site more speedy and of course semantic.html 6

On the other hand, web development industries are demanding for better and more reliable solutions for web development. They want to use the modified version of HTML5 or the latest version of HTML. They want an exceptional markup language that can offer them a smooth and effective web development platform.

In this blog post, we will light upon some of the advanced features that web developers are expecting for the HTML6, the sixth version of HTML.

1.    Camera integration

Today, web users are getting interactive with the browsers that have a camera and microphone connected. The rapid growth of camera integrated mobile phones and PC’s increased the demand for camera-driven browsers.

Due to the photo or video capture feature in HTML6, you can easily access photos, stored in the device. The device will allow you to have a better control over the camera, and also encourages the detection rate.

2.    Improved authentication

One of the significant advantages of using HTML 6 is that it can improve the entire process of developing a complicated and interactive site and web apps. It is always important that the browser should provide the instant and powerful authentication while accessing the newest version of HTML. Developing credible software would enhance the functionality of both the site and browser. For acute security, the browser could render sign tokens with incorporated keys instead of cookies.

3.    Dedicated Libraries

jQuery is one of the most advanced JavaScript libraries in the web world. It has brought the drastic change in the web development. However, the amount of energy used on loading jQuery is extremely high. Most of the sites are using cacheable versions of JS libraries to improve the process of developing web applications. When an immense number of web designers prefer a particular library, it can be diffused with the browsers. To overcome from this situation, web developers should look for a latest version of HTML that is the HTMl6 that can offer them more determined libraries.

4.    Enhanced Annotations

A fully-functional HTML structure supports article annotations through words, sentences, and paragraphs. Most of the web developers want a robust and influential version that enables annotation even to images and videos.

5.    Powerful Micro-Formats

HTML tag may differ from headlines to footers to paragraphs. In order to define the basic details such as parts of an address or phone number, you need to create a standard tag.

The standard tag will not only improve the search engine ranking, but also takes the quality of your site to the next level. In fact, web developers can use HTML6 to define locations, dates, selling products, times and a lot more.

6.    Pluggable Pre-Processers

HTML5 supports pre-processers to convert languages into JavaScript. The existing version of HTML always deals with a general version of JavaScript while modifying the code for local device or machine. Therefore, HTML6 should adopt the advanced feature that can help them to improve the code optimization process.

7.    More Command Over Video Object

In the next version of HTML, people are expecting for additional command over how the structures of the videos distributed on the web pages. However, the existing version comes with a rectangle that incorporates a set of the frame from a specific video and enough control is given all around the text track with annotation and subtitles. But web developers want a new version that supports callback hooks and synchronization mechanisms in order to spring up with high-class videos.

8.    Protected Authentication for Contact Information

For effective results, the interface of a site should offer an appropriate command to allow people while providing automatic access to code arriving from several domains.

9.    Pluggable Languages

If HTML6 comes with influential and pluggable languages, then it will allow web developers to create intriguing and innovative designs with ease.

10.    Browser–Compatible Imagery

The pixel size of an image varies from mobile and desktop screens. An enhanced version of HTML can help you provide the preferred height and width of the image. Through this, you will get the optimal resolution of your images with ease.


That’s it.

These are the 10 most advanced advantages that web developers and webmasters are expecting from the next version of HTML.

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