Top 10 High-Powered WP Backup Plugins

Creating regular backup can help you protect your WordPress site against the loss of your data. WordPress backups give you a sense of relief when your site gets hacked, or you accidentally lose your data. In such cataclysmic situations, WordPress backups act as a boon for website owners/developers/webmasters.

Fortunately, there are oodles of stunning backup plugins for WordPress (both free and paid). These plugins will automatically backup your posts, pages, images, videos, product descriptions, etc on your WordPress site. You can use them to keep your site live and healthy for a long time.

If you are looking for the best WP backup plugin for your site, you should read this blog post. Here, I bring you the list of 10 most powerful backup plugins for your WordPress site that allows you to create regular backups of your website in a simple and quick way.

1.    BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy BackupBuddy is the world’s leading backup plugins for WordPress. This premium plugin holds a great reputation because of its rich and advanced features. It lets you schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups and store them either in Dropbox, Rackspace cloud, Stacks, FTP, Amazon S3 and even email as per your convenience.

It is fairly easy to use and comes packed with a dedicated support and forum that allows users to search for any kind of help, and encounter an issue(s).

One of the biggest advantages of using BuddyPress is that it is not a subscription based service. It means you are licensed to use the plugin on multiple sites mentioned in your plan. Plus, it offers 1 GB of free cloud storage where you can store your backups.

2.    VaultPress

vaultpressValutPress is a premium WordPress plugin that offers daily or real-time automated backups and stores them in its offsite digital vault. It is quite a popular backup plugin for WordPress offering the variety of services to their clients and customers. It is a subscription-based service that offers different plans and pricing.

You only need to set up your VaultPress and restore your backups in a matter of few clicks. To an addition, they offer some excellent security scans and other security services.

3.    BackupWordPress

backupwordpressBackup WordPress is the most sought-after backup plugin for WordPress that supports automatic scheduling of posts, pages and other databases on your site. It lets you create multiple schedules for your database and files.

However, the only downfall in BackupWordPress plugin is that the free version doesn’t store your backs to a cloud storage service. If you want to store your WordPress backups other than your hard drive or email, you will need to buy an extension. It offers extensions for individual cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google drive.

4.    UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlusUpdraftPlus is an excellent WordPress backup plugin that enables you to create automatic backup of your WordPress site and also stores it in the cloud or on your email or download to your computer.

It not only supports backups to Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Dropbox, Email, and FTP but also works well with Open Stack, Google Drive, and other storage solutions. There is also a premium version of plugin offering tons of advanced functions, features, and add-ons.

The only problem of Updraftplus plugins is that it has a complicated user interface. It makes it difficult for novice users to locate the options they need. Despite this drawback, it still has a good rating in the WordPress plugin directory.

5.    WP-DB-Backup

WP-DB-BackupWith over 2 million of active downloads, WP-DB-Backup plugin has become one of the most demanding backup plugins for WordPress.

Although it is the top-rated backup plugin, the limitation is that it only backups your WordPress database. It means you need to backup your media file manually. So, this plugin is ideal for those who don’t update their site on a regular basis or do not upload images.

6.    Duplicator

DuplicatorDuplicator plugin basically migrates, clone, move, or transfer a WordPress site from one location to another. But it also offers some of the stunning backup features to its users.

However, it doesn’t let you create automated scheduled backups, but still, it can help you migrate or move your backup WordPress with ease.

7.    BackWPup

BackupWpupAnother free WordPress plugin that enables you create complete WordPress backup and store it on the cloud including Amazon S3, Rackspace, Dropbox. It also lets you store your backups on FTP, email, or on your local computer.

BackWPup is a straightforward plugin that allows you to schedule automatic backups as per your site’s upgrade consistency and frequency.

8.    WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to DropboxWordPress Backup to Dropbox is also a free WordPress plugin that keeps your WordPress site, its media and database backed up to Dropbox within a few clicks.

This tool is ideal for those who frequently use Dropbox. You can schedule your backups and the plugin will automatically upload it to your Dropbox account. It comes with a couple of premium extensions, but they don’t offer a restore from a backup feature.

9.    Snapshot

SnapshotSnapshot is considered as the Time Machine for WordPress sites.

The plugin allows you to take quick snapshots of your website to save for later and store them at your desired location. In other words, it will backup and restore your complete site either to the cloud or FTP, or emails.

10.    XCloner

XCloner - Backup and RestoreXCloner is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create an entire WordPress backup and restore both the files and database. It works as a native plugin for both WordPress and Joomla.

You can use this plugin create the custom backup of any website via custom admin inputs, and also helps you restore the backup to any other location using automatic Restore script.

Bottom Line

Each WordPress backup plugin mentioned above in this blog post has its advantages and disadvantages. You can use them according to your customized needs and specifications. Keep a backup of your WordPress site on the regular basis if you want to run a smooth and hassle-free online business.

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