Top 10 List of Cloud Computing and Services Companies

Cloud computing is the latest technology in the web world that is playing a crucial role in expanding the growth of business organizations. In simple term, cloud computing is a utility model, used by both the large as well as small-scale companies to host their data centers, applications and processes online through the internet by paying determined fees.

In order to improve the work performance of your business, you need to choose the best cloud computing company or cloud service provider. To help you to make the best possible decision, we bring you this blog post. Today, we will explore the list of top cloud computing companies and cloud service providers that will help you find the best solution according to your needs.

We bring you the list of cloud providers specialized in computing, but most of them also offering hosting and storage options as well.

1.    Syscon-inc

SysconSyscon-inc is a well-reputed cloud computing service providers that aims at offering advanced and powerful options such as configuration flexibility, stable infrastructure, cloud solution options and much more that can help you manage your business resources with ease.

They help different businesses to take the RIGHT data to the cloud for the productive work flow. They keep productivity and security of their clients at the highest levels and always offer the first-rate services to their clients and customers.

Syscon comes with advanced cloud solutions, including private cloud hosting, email hosting, app hosting, etc.

2.    Microsoft Azure

AzureMicrosoft Azure is the best cloud service providers as it offers a variety of cloud-based functions and features.

It supports virtual machines and pure storage services, SaaS services, gateways, networks and applications based services to their clients and customers. Overall, Microsoft Azure offers 50 cloud services with an objective to meet the requirements of their clients.

Furthermore, you will get Azure Software Development Kit, which is integrated with monitoring software, visual studio, best CPU, RAM and of course, storage options. It also offers tons of MS apps and integration options such as VPN, APIs and a lot more.

3.    Google Cloud Platform

Google CloudGoogle Cloud Platform is undoubtedly one of the most reliable cloud infrastructures across the web market. It allows you to compute everything – from the virtual machines with proven price to the completely organized app development platform. It also provides load balancing; best CPU/RAM/storage options, auto-scaling features and a lot more.

To an addition, Google cloud platform offers rapid and reliable networking with a ton of security features that are compliant with ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3 certifications.

It also offers some of the advanced features such as batch processing, Windows and Linux support, persistent disks, and local SSD.

4.    Amazon Web Services

AWSOver millions of customers are using AWS to enjoy the cloud computing services. It is one of the most reliable cloud computing software that offers an extensive range of infrastructure, software, and platform as a service.

It also provides auto-scaling, virtual servers, load balancing, and big data services at the most reasonable price. You can even “rent” some part of CPU, RAM and storage power plus Oracle database.

Moreover, Amazon Web Services offers plenty of networking options and you can enjoy a virtual private cloud, DNS, etc. It also offers some of the robust integration options such as APIs, IP, etc.

Security options offered by AWS are excellent. They are PCI DSS compliant that has ISO/IEC 27001 and EU Directive 95/46/EC.

5.    CloudSigma

Cloud SigmaWhen it comes to the best cloud service providers other than the Microsoft, Google and Amazon, then CloudSigma is considered to be the best solution.

It offers a complete suite of IaaS and SaaS services and also offers some of the high-powered features that can take your business to the next level. Some of the advanced features are:

  • CloudSigma offers a ton of cloud solution such as Standard public cloud, Hybrid clouds, Dedicated public cloud resources, On-premise clouds, and Dedicated servers.
  • CloudSigma is high in security as data is encrypted and also has a couple of certificates.
  • It is an ideal solution for big data. It means you can rent terabytes of storage, easy to migrate and the network connection is quick and reliable. So if you want to store your big data, opt for CloudSigma services.
  • It offers the flexible pricing options for both the small as well as large scale businesses.

Overall, CloudSigma is one of the most advanced cloud computing companies for you.


e24It is one of the most scalable, user-friendly and powerful cloud computing companies on the web. They aim at providing the stable infrastructure, configuration flexibility, and other services that can help you manage your resources more effectively and efficiently.

However, is not the topmost cloud service provider, but still it provides some of the stunning features to small and medium scale businesses, such as:

  • It is super-easy to use their services. You can easily change your configuration in the later processes. In short, it is simple yet flexible.
  • e24Cloud offers an instant connectivity which is stable with over 99,99 availability.
  • There are plenty of free or affordable features, particularly for transferring your data.
  • It offers APIs that can help you integrate to Amazon Web Services with ease.
  • Quick and reliable customer support.

Essentially, e24Cloud is a quick, simple and also a powerful solution if you have a small or medium scale business.

7.    RackSpace

RackspaceRackSpace is one of the leading cloud computing providers, offering tons of advanced services across the world. It comes packaged with the variety of excellent features that can help you in many ways.

They provide fully support to all types of clouds and cloud services, including storage, and developer’s tool. But is the best solution because of its networking services because it offers:

  • Clustering support
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Complex topology support
  • Auto-scalability
  • High availability
  • DNS management
  • Health Checks and full featured APIs
  • Support multiple protocols
  • CDN services

So, if you are looking for the best networking option, you should opt for the RackSpace cloud computing company.

8.    Dimension Data

dimensionDimension Data comes on the top of the list when it comes to the best cloud computing providers. It offers a complete range of cloud services to help you manage all of your resources with efficiency.

The Company aims at offering world-class private cloud computing services with the on-premise or dedicated infrastructure. Even, they offer the best public cloud services with on demand provisioning of CPU, RAM, Storage and networking.

Plus, they have high SLAs (service level agreements) and also offer multiple Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery features. They offer excellent security services such as encrypted data, VPN options, a robust firewall and PCI DSS compliant.

9.    StratoGen

StratogenIt is another reliable cloud computing company that offers stability, flexibility and robust features.

Some of the advanced cloud services of this company are:

  • Automatic failover
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Fully redundant infrastructure
  • Persistent storage
  • Robust firewall
  • Dynamic resource allocation

In fact, you can have additional storage, managed services and hosting, disaster recovery as service, big data options and a lot more.

10.    Right Scale

RightScaleRight Scale is a universal cloud computing service provider that believes in offering quality service that can help you manage all your resources with ease . You can approach this company if you want to utilize the best cloud solutions at the most reasonable price.


That’s all.

We discussed the top and most reliable cloud computing companies and service providers that will help you guide you while making the decision for the most suitable option for you.

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