Top 10 Most Promising AngularJS Tutorials for Developers

AngularJS is an advanced JavaScript framework that allows developers to create single page web applications. The framework expands the HTML DOM with embedded attributes and makes your web apps look more responsive and scalable.

Since its introduction in 2009, AngularJS has become one of the popular JS frameworks among web developers. It makes it easy for you extend the custom HTML tags and attributes, known as directives while creating a robust and dynamic web app.

However, developers can learn Angular via its official documentation, but if you are new or if you want to learn more about this JS framework, you will need to do a bit more research. In this blog post, we will explore the 10 most promising AngularJS tutorials available on the web either in the form of blog posts, articles or video tutorials.

1. AngularJS Tutorial for Designers

2AngularJS Tutorial for Designers requires the basic JavaScript knowledge. The tutorial demonstrates about AngularJS and allows designers to create interactive websites and web applications.

2. AngularJS CodeAcademy

1With the help of this tutorial, you will learn about the basics, services, filters, directives, and controllers of Angular. Here, you will get a comprehensive explanation on each topic with precise instructions in the editor.

3. AngularJS Youtube Channel

AngularJS YouTube Channel is one of the best ways to understand everything about this powerful JavaScript Framework. The YouTube channel incorporates a number of tutorials as well as videos to help you learn about AngularJS.

With the help of videos, beginners will be able to learn the complex concepts in the most convenient way.

4. Animating AngularJS Apps

4AngularJS is an amazing JS framework that enables you to develop single page applications with ease. But if you are a novice developer, you can take the assistance of some useful tutorials, such as Animating AngularJS apps that will use ngRoute for page routing, ngAnimate for crafting CSS animations and page animations.


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5. Absolute Beginner Guide

5This is an ultimate tutorial that will help you explain about the front-end languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You can understand this tutorial with ease if you have experience in jQuery.

6. Shaping up with AngularJS

6Shaping up with AngularJS is also a free and easy way to learn AngularJS. It is an Angular Code bundle from Code School and allows beginners to learn more about AngularJS by incorporating behavior to the HTML

7. AngularJS- TutorialPoint

7It is an ideal tutorial for software professionals who have to learn the basics of AngularJS in their programming concepts. The tutorial includes simple and easy-to-follow steps where the AngularJS modules are explained with the relevant examples.

8. AngularJS in 60 Minutes

8You just need to devote 60 minutes in its video tutorial if you want to learn the fundamentals of AngularJS. This particular tutorial is developed b Dan Wahlin who introduced a simple and effective way of learning the basics, concepts, demo and resources of AngularJS.

9. AngularJS – Beginner to Expert 7 Steps Series

The tutorial will help beginners to learn everything about the AngularJS and transform their raw talent into an expert. You will also get 2 ebooks with snippets.

10. AngularJS Docs

10An ideal way to learn about the basics, concept, controllers, and other aspects about the AngularJS. The tutorial will help you create top-notch web applications with ease.


These are the 10 most reliable AngularJS tutorials that will help developers (especially beginners) to get an introduction to the different aspects of AngularJS with ease.

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