Top 20 WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Engaging and initiating chat with your site clients in order to discuss or give feedback, support online or offline is easy. You can manage your chat with WP plugins. In this article, I am going to explore top 20 WP live chat plugins.

1.    Kayako


No matter where your customers need support – and no matter when they come looking for it – Kayako Messenger makes it easy for you to deliver a great real-time support experience. With Messenger enabled, customers can come to your Help Center, website, or app, click the Messenger icon, and start interacting with your support team through the live chat software immediately.

2.    Flyzoo Chat

Flyzoo ChatThis plugin gives everything that you need to engage, connect and reach your visitors. It is designed for following sites:

  • Radio stations
  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Social networks
  • Dating websites
  • Online traders
  • Gamers
  • Forums
  • Any other kind of site seeking to enhance engagement

3.    WP Live Chat Support

WP Live Chat SupportThis plugin is completely functional and helps you boost ROI because of the direct contact that you have with your clients. It is an easy for both the administrator and the audience. You can change the colors of the chat box. Plus, you can easily drag this box anywhere on the web page.

4.    Wise Chat

Wise ChatIt is used to make a social network, which helps in enhancing the engagement of customers for your site. In the chat room, it gives the users to exchange messages.

5.    Facebook Live Chat

Facebook Live ChatWith this plugin, you may help your clients directly from your website. WP is simple to use and downloaded There are social buttons incorporated which you may use to motivate your clients to join.

6.    Formilla Live Chat

FormillaThis tracking / monitoring plugin allows you to see active audience on your site, and start chatting with them.

7.    nChat

NchatIt is one of the most used WordPress chat plugin which enables you to talk with your visitors through messaging. It is a retina ready and responsive and comes with many chat widget and themes.

8.    Sushi Chat

Sushi ChatIt is a fully responsive plugin for WP. It is a user friendly and works on all devices. You can format your messages and embed images, videos.

9.    Bpchat

BpchatIf Bpchat installed to any WP ecommerce, directory, community, forum, blog or buddypress social network website, then all signed in users may chat each other quickly.

It is used to chat like FB for dating, community, matrimony social network site based on buddypress and wordpress framework.

10.    Leap Chat Plugin

Leap Chat PluginIn the admin area, you may have many operators, so that there is a great connect between you and your clients. You also can find analytic page where you may attain your clients’ details such as which operator was they assigned to and their location. If you are not on the main seat, then you may set up a contact form for your clients.

11.    Casengo

CasengoIt enables you to add live Chat to your website or blog easily and quickly.

12.    Chatty

chattyIt is an easy standalone WP Live Chat plugin. Its  great feature is unlimited number of chats per site (both shared and unique)! It looks amazing on all the devices. It is an easy to use. This plugin has Css3 emoticons in order to make the chat more attractive and engaging.

13.    Kruk Chat

Kruk ChatThis plugin is one of the simplest ways to give your woocommerce or wordpress visitor a “live chat support” and handle it via web and mobile app.

14.    ClickDesk Live Support

ClickDesk Live SupportThis amazing plugin is a high and fast performing plugin with a lots of advance features. It allows your audience to do video and voice chat from your site directly. The great thing is that you don’t need to install any extra software or hardware which takes the support system to a new level.

15.   OggFlow

OggFlowIt gives you a simple alternative to add an amazing live chat system to your WP blog.

16.    Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live ChatWith this plugin, users don’t have to signup or login  in order  to begin the chat that makes the process quick. It is a simple and you may easily start quickly.

17.    Pure Chat Plugin

Pure Chat PluginOn your WP site, it helps you to have a completely customizable chat framework. The chat app for Android and iOS makes it an easy to keep your audience happy.

18.    Banckle Chat

Banckle ChatFor effective communication with visitors, it gives you a highly customizable, economical, reliable and rich feature live chat platform. The next amazing feature of it is that you may see the demographical and technical details of your visitors.

19.    WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin

WordPress 1-2-1 Live Chat PluginIt provides you a simple option in order to give 1-2-1 support to your customers or visitors. This amazing plugin is cost effective as there is no monthly fee in order to utilize it.

20.    82 Live Chat

82 Live Chat82 Live Chat is one of the most effective plugin for WP. It provides you multiple chat management, offline messaging feature, elegant and simple design and many more.

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