Top 5 Web Design Predictions for 2017

bestdesign2themes-trendsAre you curious to know about the  best web design trends for 2017? If yes, then this blog post is for you.

The end of 2016 is around the corner, and the experts in the web design world have started making predictions on the upcoming web design trends that will blow in 2017. The next year will be a great benchmark for those designers who have successfully delivered interactive, responsive, customized web design solutions to their clients and customers in 2016.

As a web designer, you should always keep yourself updated with the latest web design trends – be it a material design or card layouts. Just make sure you are meeting the expectations of your potential visitors while following a particular trend. A web design should reinforce the user experience, accessibility, and visibility of a website for higher conversion rates.

So, here, we bring you the top 5 predictions on web design trends for 2017 that will blow your mind and give you new ideas for you next web design projects:

1. Material Design and Material Motion Is In The Air

Google developed a stunning visual language, known as Material design to give a unified experience across  platforms, and screen sizes. It incorporates the classic principles of good web design using cutting-edge tools and technologies.

This particular trend has a good chance to sparkle in 2017 because of its bold, intriguing, and intentional design that gives meaning and hierarchy to the other aspects of a site. It uses the padding, light, and shadow depth effects, grid-based layouts, responsive transitions and animations beautifully and helps you create a stunning website.

With the use of visually appealing color choices, large-scale typography,  edge-to-edge imagery and white space can help you craft a clean, bold, and graphic interface that engross the user in rich browsing experience.

On the other side, material motion design gives meaning to the boring and static design. It adds motion by transforming the whole design for better user experience.

The main purpose of Material design and material motion is to give unified experience to all users regardless of the fact that what device they are using. Google has applied material design to all of its Android mobile apps such as Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.

2. Use Real-To-Life Images

Images always play a vital role in grabbing the interest of potential web visitors. So, instead of using staged photography, use relevant and authentic – this will leave a great impact on visitor’s mind.

The trend of using real and genuine images has become one of the biggest web design predictions for 2017. This will give users a clear picture about your work, business goals or the products and leave a great impression on them. You can use new approaches such as selfies, dorne and head-on camera images and videos to give realistic tough to your images.

Apart from the authenticity and relevancy, make sure you use good and high quality of images to enhance the overall design of your site.

3. Cards And Minimalist Designs

Cards and Minimalist Design has gained a lot of popularity this year. The efficiency of using cards in the web development industry has given new opportunities to online business owners to showcase their products/services/business message in the most engaging and stylish way.

The main purpose of cards is to give all the key information about a particular topic into a well-organized single container. Most of the social media websites such as Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are using this web design trend to give rich user experience to their web visitors.

This trend is popular among web designers because it lets you organize a huge amount of content into engaging and digestible containers. It is a perfect web design trend for social media websites or travel website.

4. Microinteractions

Microinteractions will gonna be a real web design trend in 2017. It holds an important place for mobile app design.

It is basically the minor interactions that occur between bigger interactions – small interactions that users engage without wasting a single second.

Tapping a green icon on your smartphone’s screen to receive a call or dragging an alarm to turn it off are great examples of microinteractions.  It allows users to have soothing interaction with a site by communicating status, changes, or grab attention to specific areas. Every click, touch, scroll, zoom, the tap will be enhanced with more interactive components and animations.

5. Videos Can Be A Real Fun

High-quality videos on a website is an interesting way of conveying the desired message to potential web visitors. Use of homepage background videos can help you tell a story about your product or services in a matter of few seconds. Other web design trends may come or go, but this will remain in the web market for a long run.

So, in your next web project, don’t forget to use engaging, interactive and effective video on your website.


The approach of web designers will now be towards designing a modern, user-centric and responsive websites that can meet the expectations of changing web market trends and web visitor’s behavior. Now they will use material design, realistic images, cards and minimalist designs, microinteraction web design trend and high quality videos to make your site stand out from the crowd in 2017.

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