What Is Link Building And Why Are Links Important For SEO?

If you are just new to the digital world, you have probably heard off the term ‘link building’ making rounds online. It may even have been emphasised that link building is a great ingredient for the perfect SEO strategy. So what exactly is link building? This refers to the simple process of getting hyperlinks from other websites that are directing traffic to your site. To put it simply, a hyperlink serves as an easy and quick way for readers to jump from one website to another. Aside from online users, search engines also make use of links to navigate the pages on your website or different websites altogether. Link building is a tasking process that requires some skill to do it right. However when done well, link building can put your site at the top of the serp report. Now that you have understood what it is, you are probably wondering why you need link building. Here is a list of reasons or benefits of link building for your site.

Boost Your Ranking

For any business with an online presence, one of the key goals is to make their business visible to search engines and this translates to higher ranking on Google search results and link building plays a part in this. It’s really simple, the more links your site has, which means that more people like your content and are referring others to your site, then the higher your ranking. When search engines crawl through different websites and pages, they extract content from these sites and then analyse it to determine if it’s of good quality and deserves a high ranking on their search results. In trying to assess the quality of the content, search engines look into the number of links from external websites that are directing users to that site and the quality of those external websites. Generally, the more links your site has, the higher its value and its ranking. Moreover if the source of the links is high quality external websites, this too adds to boosting its ranking. Regardless of how informative and engaging your content is, if people don’t link to it then Google doesn’t acknowledge it as a high ranking site.

Build Relationships

Link building usually involves reaching out to other businesses or influencers with whom you share mutual interests within the industry. One of the primary goals of reaching out is to get links however in doing so it could also help build solid relationships with top dogs within your business, and this could in turn make other people trust your business or regard it highly seeing as other professionals vouch for it.

More Traffic

If the source of the links is a heavily frequented website then chances are that your site will get more traffic from the referral site. Moreover, if the external website is affiliated with your industry, chances are that the new traffic coming in has a vested interested in your brand and this could boost sales and revenue. It is more fruitful to have a small audience visit your site that find your content relevant and useful rather than a large audience that cannot connect to your brand message or isn’t interested in your products or services.

Build Your Brand

Link building gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise in the given industry say through your posts or articles to a bigger audience. Creating content around news, trends or advice on key features of your industry is highly attractive to your audience and this leads to more links and higher rankings.

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