Why Laravel Development Is Popular Php Frameworks

PHP makes the process of development easier. It helps in the reduction of development cost. Now PHP is the most popular language. PHP frameworks were established with the objective of making the coding process structured. PHP frameworks offer greater degree of flexibility to create web applications in a short period. Compared to other scripting language it is easy to learn.

Popularity of Laravel

laravelThe new PHP framework is Laravel which originated hardly a few years back. In recent times, it has become an important framework. By looking at the trend in 2017, the most popular PHP framework is now Laravel.

Routing Features

Laravel has excellent routing features. To handle routes Laravel uses closures. If you want to return anything, you can to do that here. In the routes file, Laravel lays down the foundation of the entire site. Each and every page, the requirements of authorization, and restful routes can be seen. The application from this file can be maintained, and you can get a vision of everything.

Establishing an Authorization System

The owners of the web application require making sure that the users are those persons whom they are claiming to be. In this way, unauthorized users are prevented from getting access to secured resources. Implementing authentication is made very easy through Laravel. It also provides a very simple way to arrange authorization logic.

Uses of Mail Services

After different events, mail services can be used to send messages to emails of users. Over the popular SwiftMailer library, Laravel provides a simple API. Laravel sends email through a cloud-based service and provides drivers for PHP’s mail function, SMTP, Mandrill, SparkPost, and Mailgun. Laravel also helps in sending notifications across different delivery channels including SMS and Slack.

Faster Web Application

A quick application ensures an increase in revenue. For improving the performance of a web application, integration with file cache driver is necessary. Laravel supports cache backends. Laravel can configure cached objects that are stored in file cache driver. It can also configure in-memory cache in case of large applications. Not only that, but Laravel also assists in configuring multiple cache configurations.

Fixing of Technical Vulnerabilities

Technical vulnerabilities are very common in any web application. A web application is always threatened by security vulnerabilities such as cross-site request forgery, cross site scripting, SQL injection. It is the utmost importance that before delivery, the developer fixes these common technical vulnerabilities. Laravel web development helps in making the web application secure. It protects the application from the security risks of cross-site request forgery, cross site scripting, and SQL injection. The advantage of Laravel is that its codebase is very well protected.

Handling of Errors

Handling of errors by an application software can be an influencing factor on the application usability. User’s action is reflected in the data entry forms. The errors identified are presented when the users click the submit button. If the user ended up doing something wrong, he should be informed appropriately. If the user failed to submit correct data, then he should be informed through a message. Whatever the case may be, the user has to be notified in a proper way. Otherwise, he may decide on his own, that the problem exists in the application and he will move away from the application permanently. It is not profitable for a business to lose their customers.

Exception Handling

Laravel is specifically designed to tackle problems like error handling, exception handling and render support to a wide range of log handlers. Software needs to be tested beforehand for any bugs, errors, and crashes. The developer and the others involved needs to know what the developer has created and whether it can run without any glitches. Manual testing is fine, but automation testing takes less time and produces accurate results to a great extent.

URL Routing

Laravel is good in defining routes. The Laravel routes are automatically loaded by the framework. The Laravel accepts an URL and provides a routing. Without appropriate routing, the web application will fail to understand the wants of the user and will end up viewing an error page or a blank page.


Web frameworks help in solving repetitive tasks quickly with the objective of paying more attention to the creative aspects. Laravel development is suitable to do it because it is scalable and effective from the cost point of view. It will also ensure delivery on time.

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