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Huawei P Smart Gaming Performance

Huawei is one of the leading brands in the Smartphone industry across the globe. Its advanced version of smartphones has been a great example of innovation with class and performance. The functionality, design, artificial intelligence, gaming performance and improved touch detection features of Huawei android phones are not less than any iOS mobile device. One

10 Most Important SQL Skills for the Software Tester

Today, many products and web components suffer from such a common “disease” as maximum susceptibility to SQL injections. You can get a third-party access to certain parts of the encoded information within the database with its help. This is eloquently evidenced by the fact that understanding the languages of SQL queries is the most important

The Criteria to Choose a Reliable App Developer

No modern business can operate without a proficient team of developers. Even the smallest projects are seeking IT-professionals who can bring their ideas to life and support them. Given the constantly growing competence and demand in the field, the choice of a reliable IT partner is one of the most challenging tasks. Although there’s no

Best WordPress Hosting For Bloggers-MilesWeb

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. Many people know it as a simple blogging platform. Getting started to your first blog can be a nerve-racking thing. Not only for a newbie but even an experienced blogger can face difficulties at some point of time, majorly due to web hosting. A slow web page

Key Features of the best PDF Editor for Mac

PDFs (Portable Document Formats) are a common file type which is used to share documents between different operating systems and computers. The concept is to create a file format that can maintain fixed formatting while letting you go green without wasting a paper. Though PDFs are good to share documents, sometimes it becomes difficult to