3 Incredible Ways to Make your Website Green

According to a survey, the IT Industry generates around 2-3 percent of the world’s carbon exudation, which is a huge percentage to make the environment polluted. This happens because of web websites, along with their servers, network infrastructure, end users, database front-ends, and storage devices.

Whenever a connection is created on the net and data is downloaded, the electricity is utilized to effect the connection and the result comes out with the data transfer. That means, the greater the amount of data is downloaded, the greater the amount of electricity will be used that is commonly produced by burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal. And when fossil fuels are burned, the carbon dioxide is generated into the environment.

So, it is necessary to reduce the carbon footprint not only because it clean up the entire environment, but also help you save money, as you don’t need to pay high cost to your hosting provider company.

Being a website owner, it becomes imperative to go green with your site while choosing a web hosting provider.  Well, in this blog post, we will learn three important reasons to make your site green.

1. Selecting a Green Web hosting provider

If you want to make your website environment-friendly, then you need to choose a green web hosting company. Every time when you load your site, the electricity is being utilized to serve it. The more users load your site, the more electricity is generated to access and offer that data.

So before making a selection between your web hosting providers, do a complete research and choose a green web host company. Figure out how power-oriented their servers are and where their electricity comes from. However, there are many other factors that can help you in determining whether your hosting provider is environment-friendly. You can find out the most suitable hosting providing by:

  • Examining whether they use any renewable power resources for their machineries?
  • Do they preserve some storage offline, so that you don’t need to run equipments all the time?
  • Are they using wind or solar energy?

So,  cross-check these configurations and pick out the best green web hosting company for your website and give a small contribution in improving the environment.

2. Reduce your website’s loading time

Apart from choosing a green web host company, it is also important to make process of integrating the site’s content and documents green. Obviously, the heavier website (in terms of files quality, graphic file sizes, preloaded resources, heavy image file sizes, a lot of content), utilizes an extensive amount of energy.

Instead of adding large images, videos or audios (graphics), it is better to better to embed useful content in the readable ways, along with spare graphic file sizes, least possible number of files, fonts and other elements that can reduce the loading time of your website.

You can compile the graphics, without affecting the quality of your images. In fact, it is better to merge files into smaller quantities, and there are lots of tools that can help you remove spaces, additional characters from the source code to reduce it in the smaller sizes.

3. Neutralize your carbon usage

CO2stats,com, is a Green Certified website that measures your website’s carbon foot print and help you in making your site green and environmental-friendly. It basically, neutralizes your carbon usage and makes it energy-efficient.

It also shows your visitors that you are friendly with the environment as your website is saving a huge percentage of power and energy. This in turn increases your website’s visibility and more and more visitors will come to your site.

The Bottom Line

Now, you can easily make your website green by following these simple yet powerful ways.

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