ExpressionEngine VS WordPress – Pick The Right CMS For Your Website

These days Internet is flooded with information and articles focusing closely on content management systems. A variety of options are available for users like WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, Joomla, Textpattern, Radiant CMS, etc. This article will discuss the pros and cons of content management systems from the perspective of users or developers.

There are many options are available for us. But some are confusing in finalizing for which one to pick for use.

Choosing the right option, the right content management system might be the only difference between missing and achieving your objectives. A lot of factors to be considered while making this choice like level of advancement required, built in languages, type of users, ease of installation etc. The multiple options available, higher domain knowledge adds even more to the already cluttered mind set.

In the process of considering your available options by asking the experts or surfing the internet for information, one common realization that you will come across is that every Content Management System comes with its own unique features. Some CMS will have an edge in certain aspects with shortcomings in other features. It is therefore extremely important for you to have clear and precise understanding of your requirements of the customer management system. You should become well acquaint with functions that you are going to use more frequently and thus have more significance for you and the features whose presence in the CMS won’t concern your task at all.

WordPress as a content management system is an ideal choice for bloggers and people with cost cutting on their mind. It’s a free, but low on customization options available. But if your objective is to grow your business and content is a concern for you then ExpressionEngine is an ideal choice  for you.

Major advantages of ExpressionEngine in comparison with WordPress

advantages of ExpressionEngine in comparison with WordPress

ExpressionEngine: Developed with a focus on growing your business

Both WordPress and ExressionEngine are developed with different objectives in mind. While the objective of ExpressionEngine is to focus on the excellent content management system and increasing sales, on the other hand WordPress focuses on providing free space for bloggers. In case, if you wish to do business on WordPress platform you need to add plug-in to start.

ExpressionEngine is purely e-commerce and if you spend more money, you can lay your hands on more advanced features of ExpressionEngine. In totality, you are better off by doing business here on this platform.  You can ally with your CRM software and other e-commerce websites with an ease

ExpressionEngine is your best bet, the best CMS for Managing and Presenting your Content

ExpressionEngine offers an exclusive membership to its users. This membership gives the user proper control over the content. The various membership modules can in no time manage your content as per the priority. If you want to offer more to your members in reference to the content, there is no other CMS that can beat ExpressionEngine in this regard.  The content management offered by ExpressionEngine is most customized in comparison to other CMS that are available in the market.

ExpressionEngine is equipped with the best Security Features

When it comes to security, ExpressionEngine’s has not faced any problem in this regard.  There is someone yet to report about the security issues with this CMS.  It is really high on security quotient, whereas WordPress being free for all, security issues of your content take a back seat.

ExpressionEngine Offers High Level of Customization and Affability

ExpressionEngine not only scores points on security features and appropriate control over the content, it also is the best CMS available in terms of offering customization and affability to its users.  There is no other CMS that is offering so much on security and customization as of now. It seems an obvious choice for customers with business objectives.

The above discussion clearly suggests that WordPress might be the preferred choice among the  users as it’s a free CMS, however ExpressionEngine offers its user features that are really advanced in nature. For someone who chooses ExpressionEngine CMS, he is surely the one who wishes to see his business grow.

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