How Marketers Are Using IoT To Boost Conversions

Marketers love new marketing tech and new trends because they know the expectations of their customers are always changing. At the same time, the world of business does not stay still for long, so marketers need to take advantage of every competitive edge they can at all times.

Among the greatest technology trends right now is the Internet of Things (IoT), which promises to connect millions of devices together to collect precious data about individual customers. Marketers will be able to utilize this data to customize their marketing message based on individual needs of their audience. As a result, many marketers hope that IoT technology will provide the opportunities they need to produce relevant marketing content, drive qualified leads to their company, and then convert those leads into increased revenue.

IoT In Marketing: Improving The Customer Experience

The Internet of Things enables marketers to create completely different experiences for their clients on an individual basis by bridging the digital and physical world. This connection offers new and exciting opportunities for businesses to understand and engage their audience so they can build a lasting relationship with individual customers.

The most valuable aspect of IoT technology for marketers is the ability to make personalized messaging based on unique qualities of each customer. IoT devices will open the door to truly personalized marketing, and that is the ultimate focus for all marketers and business leaders.

Today, most IoT devices focus primarily on the optimization and automation of processes based on specific goals that are only indirectly related to their customers. Since IoT technology is in its infancy, many companies are only able to capture data relating to what customers have done in the past, but the hope is that future IoT technology will allow marketers to anticipate the actions and purchasing patterns of their audience.

Some sectors will see more integration of IoT technology than others, but overall, all markets will see the impact of IoT devices on their operations and marketing. The retail industry will see the most impact along with other customer-facing markets like hospitality and customer service. This is because marketing also empowers marketers to supply highly contextual and tailored messages to consumers, for example in connection with digital signage in real-world situations like in stores or through mobile or other devices in electronic interactions.

The future of marketing looks bright, and advancements in IoT technology is proving beneficial for companies in all industries. Let’s take a look at several IoT technologies that businesses have already started using and the impact those devices have had on their bottom line!


Products can become much more personal when they collect data about a user and share that with other devices. This type of connectivity in IoT joins physical apparatus with other IoT technologies and information resources. Diageo whiskey made a decision to put itself as the drink to celebrate fatherhood by connecting devices attached to their whisky bottles with each other through a complex online connection system. This online connection system ensures that customers can use the bottles to be used to deliver a personalized, one-way electronic video message to dads.

The givers managed to customize the message with their distinct content. This interaction allows customers to share personal moments with their friends and family based on specific moments. This innovative Internet marketing strategy ensures the promotion message to reinforce the product and builds a strong relationship with the brand.

Amazon Dash Buttons

Connected products don’t only need to be tools for promotion; they may also be utilized for sales! Products that order more of them are a small holy grail for B2C manufacturers, and that is just what tide has attained in collaboration with Amazon.

Amazon’s dashboard buttons connect to your own home wi-fi and connect to the Amazon program. They may be pressed whenever you’re running low on a particular product, like Tide detergent.

Clients can purchase more merchandise from the comfort of the house the moment they see that their bottle of laundry detergent is almost empty. Because of this, Amazon has noticed a increase in online purchases of those products since the purchase process is indeed frictionless that it’s using the touch of a button.

Uber & Spotify Partnership

Uber and Spotify have connected their on-demand services so that customers can connect their Spotify accounts to their Uber app, and after shooting a ride at an Uber, then you may use the Uber Program to perform music through the vehicle’s speakers via your Spotify account.

This is two Apps talking to one another, and then talking to a vehicle! There could hardly be a better example of the Internet of Things. It enhances the consumer experience and helps keep clients by getting them locked in their product ecosystem.

A partnership between several companies to amplify the benefit of IoT technology will continue to increase, especially in the transportation industry. As our cars continue to become more autonomous, automakers and marketers will have the unique opportunity to engage with their customers through interactive content that is not possible for current drivers.

By removing drivers from the physical task of driving, passengers will have more time to interact with online content that is tailored to their needs based on their geographic location, surrounding environment, and final destination.

The use of the Web of Things in marketing is actually about thinking outside of the box and supplying relevant services in many valuable ways for the ‘real’ client in real life. Or in other words a holistic, customer-centric and incorporated advertising prospect.

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