How To Escape From Common UX Traps?

If your website has a pleasing visual design, then it looks very credible as well as visitors want to browse it. In terms of websites, the first important thing is to be  considered for greater interaction along with amazing looks. User Experience plays a vital role. It includes lots of factors.


  • Performance
  • Accessibility
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Utility
  • Usability
  • Overall human interaction
  • Ergonomics

User Experience may be explained as an experience, connection and emotion that an individual gets while browsing any site, services or product. For any digital services or website, UX is considered as the main factor as it is essential that users can easily browse the site and understand it with consistent functionality and easy navigation.

However, there are many UX traps that mostly designer should have knowledge about those in order to avoid the same in designs.

Common UX traps

Touch Target on Mobile websites

Touch Target on Mobile websitesIn some cases, the website’s mobile versions are so important that you click or hit the link in order to avoid activating other advertised products or other links. It is a common thing that you quickly hit any link or button when they are closer to the device’s edges. If you are designing such kind of links, you should make sure that the user wants to waste their time and energy in order to get to the undesired link. In this context, spacing also plays a vital role. So it should be appropriate.

Fixed Navigational Headers

Fixed Navigational HeadersFixed Navigational Headers are not present everywhere; but many websites still having Fixed Navigational Headers. A well known fact about these headers is that they are very large as well as their blocks lots of content which could be relevant to visitors. When you are seeking for any content and it hides behind the navigation menu or header, it is a very frustrating thing. The other thing is that the presence of Fixed Navigational Headers website’s mobile version as they block lots of content on mobile screen. It may bad User Experience.

Undefined Forms

Undefined FormsWhen we talk about Forms, readability plays an important role. Moreover, Undefined Forms are sometimes utilized in order to leave comments on the site, so it is vital that they are precise and simple. They should ask to enter relevant data and it should be self explained. One of the main problems with online undefined forms is that they lack instructions.

Low Contrast of Design Elements

Low Contrast of Design ElementsIn today’s world, nobody has the time to waste their efforts in getting through site and its content. For the best UX, it is vital to have good precision in terms of a call to action, background, colors, fonts and other design elements. All these elements should reflect a good contrast level of creating the content more expressive and prominent. Call to action button should be easily executable and readable.


It is essential to make the site consistent with easy graphics and smooth navigation. Also, it is important that the images and graphics should not take lots of time to upload as it would be irritating for people. In this advanced technological  world, lots of options exist for any website or product; so always think deep before designing any website on how making  it more flexible, accessible, and readable by increasing its usability. It might surely help you bring unique websites with increased conversion ratio and UX.

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