10 Coolest and Powerful WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Content Visibility

In the web world, websites are designed to engage more and more visitors, promote online businesses and to enhance the reputation across the web market. In order to accomplish this objective, you need to use high-quality content on your website. In fact, it becomes necessary for the website users to opt for the tools and advanced techniques that can display the site content in the most engaging manner.

Today, in this blog post we will share the 10 coolest and robust WordPress plugins that will help you in showcasing the website content in the best possible way.

1. Stylish Popular PostsStylish Popular Posts

Stylish Popular Posts is a clean and straightforward plugin that allows you to create a widget that can be used to showcase the most popular posts with thumbnails (popularity based on the number of comments that each post received). This plugin is developed with an aim to influence your WordPress website’s commenting system.

In fact, it gives you the flexibility to select the count of posts that you want to show in the widget. Stylish Popular Posts plugin is compatible with all WP versions up to 4.2.2 and can easily be translated to the desired language by using the file which is available within the/ languages/folder.

2. Easy Popular PostsEasy-Popular-Posts

Easy Popular Posts is an amazing plugin that enables users to add a list of posts in the sidebar or footer of a WordPress site. It allows you to quickly add a list of popular posts to any theme element. Currently, it is available in three different languages, such as English, French and Germany.

This plugin is user-friendly and offers a quick way of inserting trending or popular posts in the WordPress theme. Plus, you can add a shortcode to the WP post or page that you want.

3. WordPress Popular PostsWordPress Popular Posts

It is a fully-customizable WordPress plugin that allows users to craft a detailed listing of all the popular posts on your site or blog. WordPress Popular Posts plugin will save some stats that can further be used by the webmaster during decision making processes. The other exciting features of this plugin are:

  • Support custom post type,
  • WPML support,
  • Shortcode Support
  • WordPress multisite support, etc

4. Sharebarsharebar

ShareBar is an exceptional WordPress plugin that adds powerful and highly-customizable vertical box to the left side of a blog post that comprises of links/icons to popular social networking websites. With the help of this plugin, you can drive more visitors and influence them to share your posts on other popular social media platforms.

This plugin also helps in inserting custom icons, and enables readers to share your posts and content through email as well.

5. Popular Posts by WeblinePopular Posts Webline

Popular Posts by Webline is a dynamic WordPress plugin used to enhance the website content with an objective to increase the traffic on the site or blog. This plugin allows the user to use a specific widget for building a list of all the popular posts.

Popular Posts plugin shows the posts according to the filters applied from the widget settings. Plus, it is compatible with all WP versions up to 4.1.5.

6. Popular WidgetPopular Widget

Popular Widget is a simple yet effective WordPress plugin used for listing the most popular posts on your WordPress blog. After installing this plugin, you will find a widget that will allow you to create a list of all the popular posts, after being filtered according to the posts that have received a maximum number of comments.

Plus, you can also create a tabbed widget that can be used for merging more number of lists with different variations.

7. LinkedIn Share Buttonlinkedin

LinkedIn Share Button is an amazing WordPress plugin that allows you to attract more visitors with ease. If you are having a website that targets only professional readers, then you can allow your visitors to share your content on the professional and popular social networking website, called LinkedIn.

To achieve this, you need to add a LinkedIn share button on all your posts and pages, enabling your readers to quickly share your posts with their LinkedIn account.

8. Efficient Related Postsefficient-related-posts

If your readers like specific blog posts, then there is a chance that they will show interest in reading the similar posts, or would like to view the blog related to the same topic. And by offering your visitors with more blogs on the same topic can allow them to stay longer on your website. In fact, it will influence them to share your content to other people. It can be achieved with the help of Efficient Related Posts plugin that will help you in showcasing a list of related posts just below your WordPress posts.

9. Top Shared Post on Facebooktop-shared-posts-on-facebook

This plugin fetches the most shared posts from the Facebook by using Facebook Graph API and list them in the sidebar area in an ascending order on your website. Top Shared Post on Facebook plugin is designed with an objective to increase your website’s online presence with the help of the most popular social sharing website, Facebook.

10. Posts Table Pro

Posts-Table-Pro-in-ActionPosts Table Pro is a popular WordPress table plugin that can display any content from your website in an interactive jQuery table with search and filters.

It’s the perfect way to enhance content visibility for websites with large numbers of pages or posts. For example, if your blog contains 100’s or 1,000’s of posts then listing them in a WordPress table helps users to find articles they’re interested in. They can quickly filter the table by category, tag or other data.

The table plugin lists posts, custom posts or pages in a neat table view. It’s very customizable and you can choose which columns to include. It includes all the standard fields such as post name, content, excerpt and featured image. You can also show extra fields such as embedded audio or video, buttons, and custom fields.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this blogs post as we have shared the top WordPress plugins that will help you in displaying the website content in the best possible way. You can also pick out your favorite plugin and grab visitor’s attention and boost your productivity.

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