Web Design Enhancement: 4 Essential Designing Tips for WP Sites

web-designIn the competitive web world, different scale and niche of businesses have been adopting web development platforms to represent their business in the most effective and engaging manner. The development of fully-fledged websites enables business leaders to grow their dimensions across the world. WordPress is a great platform that allows people to create and customize fully-functional websites from scratch in minutes. The CMS offers tons of beautiful themes to let you create visually appealing sites within a few clicks. However, Most of the website owners use the similar looking themes – built on same concepts or designing patterns. If you want to create something unique, you need to ascertain some innovative designing elements and tips that will take your site to a new level. So, today, we will stumble upon the four essential designing tips that will help you create fresh and crisp WordPress site.

1.    Keep the Design Simple and Intuitive

Whitespace plays a crucial role in web design. It is as important as filled spaces. There are many novice web designers who clutter their web pages with content and CSS, without even leaving empty spaces. This distracts web visitors and forces them to leave your website once they scroll down your web page. If you want to engage web visitors, you need to keep the design of your site clean, simple, and intuitive. Leaving empty spaces between columns, text, graphics, images, and margins can improve the readability and performance of a site.

2.    The Concept of Color and Texture

The color is a significant web design element that influences the overall look and feel of a website and leaves a great impression on visitor’s mind. Although the color has its own language, the reactions to them are universal and instinctual. For example, we relate navy blue color with serious calm, yellow with joy, minty green color with freshness, etc. And no one understands it better than a web designer. Therefore, use those color combinations and texture that can represent your brand image and convey your message in an engaging manner. Try to use such colors that look appealing to the web visitors. Another thing you need to consider is the consistency. Don’t deviate from your color palette. Use the color in a consistent manner, as this will enhance the design of your site with ease. And try to introduce texture only on special occasions.

3.    Images and Artwork

It would be great if you use stock photography within the content, without using cheesy smiles or any other distracting element. High-quality images have the ability to influence the interest of web visitors in a matter of few seconds. It also improves the user experience of a website. In fact, the use of hand-drawn ‘artwork’, sketches, and illustrations into the site content will take your web design to the next level. Beautiful and enticing artworks can help you soften rough edges and give your visitors a soothing experience.

Note: Before uploading an image to the site, make sure you optimize its file size using the best WordPress plugin such as EWWW Image Optimizer.

4.    Typography

Typography sets the structure of a website. A web designer uses the different styles of typography not only to encourage readers but also improve the accessibility of a site. Fonts are crucial that can improve the readability of your site’s content and conveys your message in a quick and effective way. For example, Arial font looks clean and simple while Times New Roman font resembles of news. As a professional web designer, you need to pay specific attention to your site’s typography if you want to impress your audience with the text-based content. There are many tools such as Abode’s TypeKit that help you add custom fonts to your site with the free Google fonts.


The design of a site can make or break your online presence. If you want to create a unique brand image, you need to do something innovative and challenging. You can follow these four designing tips if you want to make your site fresh and engaging.

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