Battle Plan: Web Development vs Web Design

Web development and web designing are two different concepts. They are two different sides of a coin. But most of the users get confused between these two terms. There is a lot of difference between them, but for beginners, web design is the layout or structure of a website whereas web development is the site’s overall functionality. These are two distinct but essential terminologies that can help you create a professional looking website.

In this blog post, we will explore the basic battle difference between web development and web design concepts.

web-designing-and-developmentA web design and visual –appearance of a website play an essential role in driving the interest of potential visitors. The background colors, font size, templates can help you create a beautiful and pleasing website. Most of the business organizations are utilizing advanced technologies to boost the visual effects on their site using 3D logos, and motion graphics- it leaves a long-lasting impression of visitor’s mind.

Different combinations of colors, especially vibrant colors encourage visitors to keep on surfing the websites. With the use of the visually-appealing website, you can improve the conversion rate as well as revenues of your online business.

On the other side, flexibility and scalability of a site also plays a crucial role and that lies under web development sector. While creating a site, make sure that you give your visitors a soothing navigation experience, scrolling experience and browsing experience. Well, all the navigational aspect of a site is taken care by the scripting language in which a site is written. It defines the each and every web page and also serves the multiple functionalities of a website.

The framework and aspect ratio of a site is also a part of web development. The realistic graphics within a website appeals the visitor’s eyes and encourages them to visit your website or browse your web pages.

However, the business websites aren’t very comprehensive, but they incorporate vital information that is accurate and enough for visitors to understand the ongoing development affairs within the business. Therefore, most of the business owners utilize different aspects to ensure that the contents on the site such as picture galleries, flash videos, and other social media icons work fluently so that the visitors can explore the different functions of a site with ease. You can use HTML, JS, XHTML and other programming languages to embed functionality into your website.

Designing of a site includes enhances the web appearance of a site, and its compatibility with multiple browsers and other functionality of a site deals with web development. So, both the web design and web development methods can help you create a fully-fledged website.


These are the basic distinction between the web designing and web development concepts. Both are different but are essential for running an online business.

If you are planning to start off your online venture, you should hire a web development company that can help you create a beautiful and functional website on time and on given budget.

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