Easy ways of Adding 301 redirects in WordPress

Redirection lets you forward one URL to another. It is a simple way of sending both the potential visitors and search engines to a different URL from the one they requested for. In other words, it enables you to maintain your search engine ranking for a specific page.

What is 301 Redirects?

There are mainly three types of redirects: 301, 302, 307, and meta refresh.

A 301 is a permanent redirect. It passes around 90-99 percent of link juice (ranking power) to the redirected page.

The 301 redirects status code informs search engines and site users that a web page has been moved. In fact, it is one of the best ways of implementing directs on a website.

Why 301 Redirect is preferred?

The 301 redirect is developed especially for users and search engines. Serving a 301 signifies to both the browsers and search engine bots that the page has been moved permanently.

It allows search engines to think that not only the page has been changed to the other location, but also the content or an updated version of it can be found at the new URL.

The search engine will shift any link weighting from the original page to the new URL, without any difficulty.

In fact, 301 redirects have the potential to clean up dirty architecture, resolve outdated content issues and enhance the user experience of a site – all by sustaining link equity and your ranking power.

Recommendations associated with 301 redirects

If you want to change the URL of your posts and pages or migrate your site from one domain to another, then you should set up the 301 redirects on your WordPress website.


If you want to change the URL/domain of your WordPress site, you need to implement your plan deliberately, so that you won’t be able to lose your flow of web traffic and SEO elements that you were generating from your existing post/pages or old domain.

You can easily add 301 redirects to your WordPress site, without any hassle.

How to Setup 301 Redirect in WordPress site?

Setting up the 301 redirect in WordPress is not as difficult as one think. You can easily redirect your WP site from “” to “”  by following the simple process:

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard
  • Click the “Setting” icon that you can see on the lift hand column.
  • Find the box marked “WordPress Address (URL)” and change to
  • Search the box marked “Site Address (URL)” and change to
  • Click the “Save Changes” button to save your 301 redirect settings.


The 301 redirect is a crucial aspect that maintains your search engine ranking and user-engagement capability at high. Even, you can easily and quickly add the 301 redirects in your WordPress site, without any technical guidance.

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