Top 10 AngularJS Development Companies

AngularJS is a full-featured, open-source and front-end JavaScript framework. It is used by web developers to create faster, highly interactive, and intuitive single page applications easily and quickly. It is a library of JavaScript code based on standard JS and HTML, which allows web

Top Most Web Design Trends

Last year, web designers came up with lots of innovative thoughts. However, some of them blown-off while others threw a deep impression. The trends that ended up with a blast in 2014 will turn out to be household names in 2015, while upcoming trends

4 ways to Accelerate the Cloud-Hosted WordPress Site

Several advantages of Cloud-hosted WordPress websites encompass scalability, security, maintenance, backup and great up-time. The development of Cloud hosting just assists the proper delivery of website to the users, does not resolve the online publishing woes. WordPress releases various regular updates and plugins, which