The Role of Web Design in Search Engine Optimization

A structure of a website creates by merging multiple web pages together and then hooking these pages with its home page. A visually-appealing web design plays a significant role in establishing a unique brand image of your business in the online market. If you really want to create a website for promoting your goods and

Gmail’s Responsive Email Design Update Feature

Since the inception of Email in 1972, nobody (web designers) has taken the initiative to revamp the outdated features of it to make it compatible with modern-age requirements. The layout in email is still controlled with HTML tables. But this will about to change because Google has recently announced a major update to enable responsive

Battle Plan: Web Development vs Web Design

Web development and web designing are two different concepts. They are two different sides of a coin. But most of the users get confused between these two terms. There is a lot of difference between them, but for beginners, web design is the layout or structure of a website whereas web development is the site’s

Top 10 Principles of Web Design Tips

If you want to establish a unique identity in the web market, you need to stick with the basic web development principles. There are several factors that need to be considered while designing and developing a site. In order to attract web visitors, you need to give them a visually pleasing web design. A simple