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Top 10 Web Developer Resources for 2018

Web developers always try to look for fresh resources and tools all the time. The fresh resources and tools can increase the quality of your work as well as make your task easier. Moreover, it helps in getting more and more customers and producing more businesses . It is well known fact that the Web

Top 10 Magento Plugins For E-commerce Site

Magento as an e-commerce web application development platform has continued to help online businessmen make more out of their businesses. It has provided and is still providing more opportunities for e-commerce business owners. Yes, Instagram seems to be good, but with these top 10 Magento plugins for e-commerce sites here, you will be confused to

10 Best Elements of Android Oreo

Oreo 8.0 is the newest and the modish version of Android released in August 2017. This version is considered keener, swifter and sturdy compared to the older other versions. The first rollout was done for Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus player and the other two Pixel smartphones. Android Oreo also released two new

Top 10 PSD to AngularJS Conversion Companies

PSD to AngularJS conversion today comes out as an important part of technology and manifold companies today offer feasible services helping you to avail the best options. Thus, you need to find the top companies coming out with all positive aspects featuring the ultimate importance of technology in recent times. Top 10 Companies Offering PSD

List of Top 10 Website Design Companies for 2018

Wondering how to get the best web designing and development services? It’s important to find the top rated company from where you can avail the feasible options as you need. It helps you to go smarter availing digital solutions that make the process easier. You can now get familiar with all positive aspects that give

Top 10 Best Open-Source WordPress Theme Frameworks

Creating a website on WordPress means getting a great level of flexibility in terms of web design and functionality. You can develop a site by writing the code from scratch, tweak the ready-made theme or use a reliable WordPress theme framework. If you are a web developer, then you would love coding your site from

Top 10 Logo Design Tools for 2018

Logo can be easily called the soul of a business marketing. From website to brochure to social media page, logo appears on each and every item that a company holds. In the long run, logo of the company becomes a symbol of trust among people and people usually remember the brand by its logo. Therefore,

Top 10 Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for Art and Design

WordPress has been traditionally considered as an open-source content management system for blogging. However, as proven by the richness of the websites with this software, wordpress is capable of managing any kind of website, including membership sites, online stores, portfolio sites and business websites. Around eight million websites use WordPress and the count is growing

Top 10 Rated Web Hosting Provider Companies

Individuals and organization need web hosting to have their website via World Wide Web. There are many web hosting service companies that allow you to have some space on the server. Websites are hosted and stored on the server. They provide space for data center and internet connectivity. Any business who wants to have a