Get Familiar With Material Design in 2016

Material Design is a design language which is developed by Google. It makes more use of padding, responsive transitions, animations, grid-based layouts, and depth effects like shadows and lighting. It is slowly spreading out through the Google’s web services and products. It offers a smooth and consistent user experience all over the web platforms and apps.


Objectives & Goals

  • The main aim of Material Design is to make an underlying system that provides a great user experience across many devices of different platforms and sizes.
  • To create a visual language with the ability in order to synthesize the main principles of design with optimized prospects of technology as well as science.

Graphics & Presentation

The main elements like the scale, typography, images, color, space, and grids guides the visual presentation of the print- based design. Such kind elements make the animations appear great with amazing looks that are worth watching. A hierarchy is made with more concentration towards meaningful features as well as creation. In order to make a responsive and remarkable user interface, one should consider following things:

  • Wide scope typography
  • Deliberate color selection
  • Cut edge imagery
  • International white space

What are the Principles of Material Design?

Principal material design

  • The system of motion and comprehensive theory of space is strategically to get the positive outputs.
  • The pragmatic lighting specifies the moving parts and shows divide space. The surface and edges of the object give visual signals that are really grounded.
  • It obeys the Physics’ rules as the fundamental theories linked to surface, movement and light are the main element in order to reflect how objects exists, move and interact in space.

For any creation or invention, the client is the main component. Initial user’s actions or activities are quite cohesive and unrealistic points that are capable to start motion and to change complete design.

Moreover, feedback given is more subtle, restrained or straightforward, yet appears clear. Some focused pressed or normal elements possess responsive as well as clear elevation.

Additionally, this Design is not only limited to Android and its constantly expanding to other field of innovation. From houses, robots, laptops, TVs and glasses this vision is reflected by this latest Design language. It is innovated and developed in order to be uniform across all platforms and devices with the aim to make things easier.

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